Flic, wireless volume dial for Roon?

Has anyone purchased a Flic Twist or other controller and managed to integrate it into a Roon system for volume control?

If it works with home assistant then you can likely set it up to work as that can work with Roon. There won’t be any native integration unless they have added it using Roons API.

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As @Simon_Arnold3 wrote, there is no native integration. This means that the folks at Flic haven’t done any work to integrate directly with Roon.

I’ve integrated a variety of volume controllers with Roon via Home Assistant with varying degrees of success. Lutron controllers, Ikea’s Zigbee stuff, Tuya knobs, etc. I looked at the Home Assistant / Flic docs to get an idea of how possible it would be to integrate the Twist.

According to the current docs, the available integration supports button presses but has no awareness of rotational events : Flic - Home Assistant

It’s also a reasonably complicated integration. On top of that, Flic appears to be Bluetooth only (no Zigbee) which suggests that you’d need a hub near each controller.

Given all of that, it’s hard to recommend Flirc over rooDial. The current rooDial software version has a latency issue (takes a few seconds to wake) that makes it hard to recommendation without reservation but I still, personally, believe that it’s the best all-around physical volume knob option for Roon. It’s easy to deploy, has native integration, has great battery life, and once you have it set up, it pretty much just works. If you haven’t explored that option, I personally would recommend it over trying to get Flirc to work.

Thanks @gTunes for the detailed response. I’ll check out the rooDial.

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Here’s the thread on it:

That thread describes the rooDial solution including how it uses a Surface Dial paired with a Raspberry Pi. If you want a more turnkey, put also pricier, solution, look for the thread on rooExtend. Tons of Roon users use it - easy to get setup and support from the community and from the author who is very active and responsive.

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