FM Tuner in your System

Do any of you have an FM (or AM/FM) Tuner in your system? If so, what make/model do you own? Photo if convenient, please.

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Most radio channels got option to stream (see Roon’s Live Radio). Why would you even consider AM/FM tuner in your system ?

There is no FM to be found here, and refuse to use DAB+, so no need for a tuner.
Streaming everything, also radio.

Sorry, it was not a poll question. It was “if so, what make/model…” The Magnum Dynalab has a range of models. If someone owns one or similar, I would like to know your experience.


Naim NAT 02 bought in 1989, probably the only silver bumper as I bought it way before it was reviewed and they were changing to the olive cases.
Sounds much better than roon radio.

Only Naim item I have in my system.


Because in their opinion it sounds better?
You could say the same about vinyl.

Well my NAT sounds better than stream ,roon or otherwise.

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Don’t have one now but did have an older mcintosh tuner back when I had a near complete mcintosh system.
It certainly pulled in a lot of stations and our local HD stations did sound very good.

I would not be so quick to poopoo good old FM radio!

But usually it’s the same people who think digital sounds better than a very well sorted vinyl rig…:grin:


Of course, it depends on quality of the radio stream sent out from the radio channel. In Norway they usually push out the quality they are using internally (read: the same used as source for whatever is pushed out to the radio). After everything got transferred to DAB/DAB+ here, it is actually even worse than before when comparing signal over radio vs streaming.

If you get streaming over a certain quality, there should be no reason what so ever to get better quality over normal radio vs streaming. There are no secret sauce here; streaming = the source for whatever you receive over your normal radio. Unless they compress it to death pre streaming over internet that is.

That’s a very nice tuner…very. Back in the day I had an MR71, MR73 and MR77 McIntosh. The MR71 was tube. Hmmm, I may have had an MR80 but not certain. Thank you for the photo and bringing the NAIM NAT 02 to my attention.

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Back in the days I had Nakamichi ST-2 FM tuner, can be found cheap on the 2nd hand market. It is really good!

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Great analogy. In the day, we had a(n Ohio) FM station, all classical like Chicago. It was great fidelity, and FM has always been a fun place to search for quality music. We have locally quite a few good FM stations, jazz and classical. HD etc. They are the staple of what we listen to in the car.

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I was going to mention the good old car radio tuner, ours are tuned to all our " good" local stations.
Even though I can stream Spotify or Qobuz from my phone to any of our cars I usually play the radio!

Music plays 24/7 at home and the office. In the car, despite all the music available, we listen to talk radio. Car radio is great for us.

NAD 4300 here. If you have a local station you enjoy, over the air will usually sound much better than a stream.


I have always liked NAD and have two NAD receivers I plan to sell or trade

Sony XDR-F1HD. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t get much use. But it works pretty well!


Sansui TU-717. It is old but sounds wonderful. That being said, radio stations definitely don’t sound as good as they used to.

A long time ago, in the time we refer to as ‘BC’ (Before Children), I treated myself to a top of the range FM tuner, a Pioneer F-91. It sounded as good as it looked but has not been used in the last 20+ years probably, due to changes in listening habits and use of multi-room audio. Must get round to sticking it on ebay. Picture borrowed from this site, which looks like a great resource to tuner fans: Tuner Information Center - Pioneer Tuners


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Got a couple of FM only tuners here…

A Sony ST 5000F and a Sony STA-6B

Both sound good although the 5000F is not only the oldest but the best sounding.
The STA-6B is the most sensitive with a 7 gang tuning section.

Both come out well on FMTunerinfo and there really isn’t anything sensibly priced that I’d swap them for.

I still enjoy FM on good signals and decent programming and these both work well.

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