Focal Speakers or PMC

Hello there folks. I intend to listen to two pairs of speakers in the coming week, the PMC Twenty5 26 and the Focal Kanta 2 with my Hegel H160.
I have toyed with taking my Nucleus with me also, though I do not have a hard drive embedded within as my Innuos acts as the server for my CD collection. Will I have issues just using the nucleus and connecting to their network?
Would I just be better listening to Tidal tracks through a Nad device he has offered?
Advice please gents.

If possible: try to listen to the speakers at home. Gives the best results…

Thanks, I intend to, however what I should have said, this would be my first listen and i was trying to decide on a pair as nether are small speakers to have installed in the house.
The question was more centered on the Nucleus and its use in the selection process.

I’d just go with what they have first. They are very different speakers so that should be interesting - are you taking the hegel with you?

OK, then I’d say an usb stick with some of the files you want to listen to should suffice. The Nucleus would be transparent so for a first SQ evaluation you wouldn’t need it. As @ged_hickman1 said: the amp is more important.

Yes Hegel, AKA the “Back breaker” is going to be lugged up hill to the shop.
I will suffice with the Amp I think and use the suppliers Nad tidal stream.

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Thats also a valid option too. Like the simplicity of that.

Which shop are you going to go to?

Sevenoaks HifI in Guildford, though im lucky to have options i guess as there is always Winchester HiFi, which is great as the owner loves Led Zep and has some epic kit

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Speakers always sound good in any decent dealers demo room. I’d just get the first set you can get at home to try - it kind of makes no odds what they sound like elsewhere. Learnt that the hard way.

This formula of speaker down selection has worked for me before, where I use the listening room as a neutral zone to evaluate the manufacturers sound and decide if thats what i want, then home audition.
I have done this with all sorts of components and why I know that I will never own the likes of Cyrus, marantz or Nad components of certain types.
I also need to accept that open mindedness with these speakers is important, as I will also move house again in 6 years when i retire, so versatility is important and im hoping they will be the final speaker purchase.
Thank you for your opinion.