Focus content not loading

Core Machine

Antipodes K50

Network Details

Regular router and switch with everything solidly wired. A setup that has always worked perfectly prior to Roon 1.8.

Description of Issue

Since I rediscovered the new integrated Focus function of Roon 1.8, I have been playing with pinning and sorting items for Albums, Artists, and Tracks. While doing this, I noticed that sometimes the content wouldn’t load when browsing Roon on the Windows 10 PC. It can work fine one moment and stop working the next. And when it is stalled, it is stalled forever and only a program restart will make the content reappear. I finished editing the order of the items yesterday but now, the next day, and after a Windows reboot, the behavior persists.

I have all the latest software everywhere. I have not used the new Focus functionality until now so it is possible that this issue started with the first version of 1.8.

Interestingly, when accessing the K50 from the iPad Pro 11 inch, the Focus content loads with no issues.

Hey @Christiaan,

There aren’t enough words to apologize for the extreme delay in getting back to you, but I will say either way: I am very sorry.

Thank you for letting us know when and how this behavior is happening. I was wondering if you’ve updated Roon to the latest version? Is the behavior unchanged?

We’re hoping to have the chance to help with this, even if this late…

Hi Rebeka, thanks for getting back to this. I’m always on the latest version of Roon and after posting this ticket there’s been one more update.

I don’t use Focus very often but as I am checking it now, it works without any issues. I will keep checking over the next couple of days and if it stays stable I will update the ticket accordingly.

Hi Rebeka, Focus has been working perfectly for me so this ticket can be closed.

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