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I was wondering. Using “Focus”, once I’ve narrowed down my criteria and have a list of tracks (not albums, tracks), is there a simple way to transfer all of those “Focused” tracks into a playlist? I see the option to add them one at a time, but I prefer to do it in mass.


HowTo Create Playlist.

Thank you. Fortunately, I do know how to creat a playlist. I just don’t see this option in the “Focus” section once criteria has filtered down to a group of tracks. I see how to create (or add to) a playlist one track at a time, but not how to do all them at once.

This is specific to the “Focus” feature. And I don’t see an answer to that question in the Roon KB.

Select them all, click the 3 dot menu, select Add to Playlist.

Thanks for the help! I had to guess how to select them all, but was able to do so with your prompting. And like you suggest, then the option to create a playlist, or even better yet for my purposes, tagging them. Perfect!

Is it possible to tag a bookmark? For instance, back in the Focus feature, I filter down to 100 tracks of a given artist, lets say John Coltrane. Can add the bookmark itself to my John Coltrane tag that also has various albums of his?

I want to basically use the bookmark feature, but don’t like how they graphically look as much as a tag.


You can’t tag a bookmark. You can tag a playlist.

Top left corner, drop down to select all. Or, If you are on a Windows computer the basic Windows key command for select all, Ctrl-A , will select All as well.

You’re on a Mac - there’s a Select All keyboard shortcut for that as well…

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