Focus / Format / HiRez files

When selecting HiRez files can we exclude Tidal files if MQA is not selected please? Or have the ability to differentiate local files from streaming service files?

Focus > inspector > storage locations > tidal library.

Then invert it to exclude Tidal. And bookmark to go back easily.

Checking this myself, roon now simply lets you tick local locations and exclude tidal quite simply. Nicely done, as I have a hi-res bookmark for just such uses

I didn’t know about the invert. Fantastic. Are these tweeks listed somewhere? Anyway, I tagged all my downloads and that works for me. Thanks for the help.

Well the good old KB is always a good read on these long winter evenings…

Otherwise, just ask the community. We’re a friendly bunch.

But it’s summer - evenings are for burning meat and drinking good South African wine :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oops. Me and my parochial ways.

Braai is almost a religion (BBQ Translated)


Heat, Eat, Drink Repeat it says . Even as a English import I took to it quite easily

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Thanks for the invert suggestion. Even reading the entire manual, this was not obvious to me. Now I have tagged my own high Rez files.