Focus freezes on ipad

I noticed that the focus tab will regularly freeze (blank screen with animated Roon logo) on iPad pro. I don’t know if others have experienced that too, but I noticed that the freezing happens especially when multitasking, or after my iPad session was reopened, or when switching from app to app. Restarting Roon makes focus fully functional again.


I just mentioned the very same problem two hours or so ago here: Mine is a iPad Air 3

It happened twice today, and once yesterday. And its not easy to get back to normal. I need to reboot the ROCK

Hi @bbrip,
Thanks for letting me know. Sorry I didn’t see your post, I must have missed it through search results.
Let’s hope Roon will address that issue as soon as possible.

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Dont worry. Thanks for opening a support post. I think this will be the better place to collect feedback on this issue.

@Jose_Vita also mentioned that he had this happen.

I would also like to report that (wether or not this is a memory issue) it runs deeper than the sole focus tab. Very often, when I switch apps and get back to Roon, I get a black unresponsive screen. The only way out is to restart Roon. This isn’t specific to 1.8. The issue was also present in 1.7. I didn’t report that before, but I think now is a good time. That bug means that I need to restart Roon many times every listening session.

Are you running your Roon Core on a Intel Nuc, like me, or is this on Windows or something else?

Yes the focus lock up has indeed happened to me a couple of times. Restarting the app solved the problem. I use tags, and the core on an innuos statement.

My core is a windows 10 pc. I also use tags!

Did some deeper digging. Here what happened:

Sorry guys, but there is something really weird going on here.
@BrianW is this one for the two of us again to go figure the pattern :wink:


This looks like the manifestation of the same/similar issue I have using Tags to “filter” through Artists in order to create smart playlists. There appears to be some back-end post-query processing that clogs up Roon.

This used to happen with “Search.” You’d hit Roon with 5-10 searches in under a few minutes (say, to assemble a playlist or to tag a bunch of objects) and then Roon would simply slow to a crawl until restarted.

I am getting this with Tag usage now.


It is a true PITA. Renders Filters all but useless. Hope this receives some attention soon.

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It renders Roon useless until restarted. Wouldn’t be quite as bad if Roon didn’t take 5 minutes to restart.

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@support, any news on this nagging issue?

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As you‘re updating how focus works, may I assume the issue described here is being addressed alongside?

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Bump. Anyone looking into this?

Apparently no response from Roon yet. I’ve just encountered this issue for the first time myself, whilst using my iPad.

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Hi everyone :wave:,

I wish we would have seen and replied sooner to this thread - I’m sorry you are all affected by it. I’ve notified our team about this and we’re looking into it.

Please, bear with us while we get back to you with updates :bear:

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