Focus logic and option

Looks like this may have been discussed before, but as far as I can make out the “focus” function in Roon doesn’t quite do it for me - I think. I like to sort and filter by genre, so let’s say I add a focus “button” for Jazz, RnB and Reggae if they are set to negative, I get everything but those genres, so Rock, classical etc…. If I set the Jazz button to positive, I just get Jazz, which is fine but what if I’d like to see everything else AND Jazz. I think the only option is to remove the button. The logic seems to be OR instead of AND/OR. Could be fixed with adding a “O” option to the +/-. Is there another way?

I don’t understand the question. If you just want Jazz, click on Jazz. If you want everything except Reggae for instance, just double click on Reggae.

You may want to add your vote in #feedback:feature-suggestions.


Thanks - I’ve just found the match all/match any selector. I’ll play with that and see if that does what I want