Focus on own ratings?

How can I focus on my own album ratings?
For examples, see the albums I have not rated yet or all albums I rated 5 stars.
Nothing against the given ratings from metadata. They are helpfull while searching through unknown Tidal content. But on filtering content in my library it gives unwanted results.


Nobody any idea?

Would be nice to have that functionality. I would also like the choice of e.g. only 4 stars, instead of 4 and 5 with the 4+ focus.

Depending on how much work you want to put into it, you could rate the albums not yet rated by yourself with a 1 or 0.5.
Even if the Roon rating is higher, it will not show up anymore in the 2+ or higher focus.

Hope it helps a bit

When you rate an album, it will take precedence over Roon’s. However, I don’t believe you can just Focus on your ratings while ignoring Roon’s.

This might need to be a feature request.

Cheers, Greg

Don’t know how this could be done, without a possibility to identify these albums. Even scrolling through album view is not helpful, because in album view ratings are not visible. You would have to open each album one by one.

You are right. It is not possible to mass select albums and change the rating in one go.