Focus on.....updated metadata

Continuing the discussion from Metadata update timing:

I think a Focus filter option to look at Albums (primarily) or Artists with updated metadata in the last x days would be nice. It would be a good showcase of Roon’s dynamic aspects.


I would love this.

With a big library, I know Roon finds new metadata from time to time, and I would love to benefit from it. But I never get to see it except at random, essentially.

A bug for “New Metadata” would be good too. Can be automatically dismissed like the New Album bug after some time. Focussing on that bug also should be possible.


Would like this as well.


Yip, great idea.

Question: did updated metadata shows automatically?
The new Clapton album didn’t show metadata, because on the day I added it, there was no metadata available. Now metadata is available, but I had to reidenitfy album to see it.

I believe left to its own devices the data will be added at some point. When/ how it triggers I don’t know.

It depends. If the album what have been automatically identified as a fresh update, then it will automatically update when the new metadata is there. But if it’s an edge case it will need help.

How does an album become identified as a fresh update?

Every week Roon checks for fresh metadata for all albums. During that process, any already identified album will get revised/corrected metadata if there is any.And a previously unidentified album will get identified automatically - if it meets the “confidence” criteria to allow identification to be accepted automatically.

This latter point means it’s possible that new metadata may be available, but the user will not receive it automatically. The user needs to make a renewed attempt at manual identification in order to discover this. (I’m not sure there’s any way round that.)

In all cases, user edits are retained and not deleted when new metadata comes along.

Just a bump for this.

I would looooooove to be able to focus on “new metadata” and have it flagged in the browser.