Focus Release Date bar chart alignment

Core Machine

Win 10, i5 3.2ghz, 8gb

Network Details

Gigabit ethernet

Audio Devices

Android Galaxy Tab A 1.5 2018

Description of Issue

Using Focus on release date (via Show More). The bar chart extents too far to the right and is out of alignment with the right-hand vertical line showing the maximum year for the selected range.

This needs to be flexible, to accomodate for various languages description of decades:

Not the greatest solution, no, but still usable i’d say.

No no. Look at the right of the bar chart on mine. It’s starting to overlap the +/- buttons.

I’m not referring the the row of years along the bottom.

Ah, that might be down to the graphics drivers/implementation on your device.
Are your screen shots from the Galaxy or some other Control?

It really doesnt matter, though. I there’s potential for improvement here!
(Look att the low end increase/decrease button on my screen shot. I haven’t even seen them, before?)

Well. This was posted for the benefit of Roon to be aware of an issue, rather than starting a debate. Thanks.

Sorry for the prior lack of response, @anon11710408 — I just wanted to let you know this was passed along to the team for further investigation. We appreciate the report!