Focus -> storage location -> grouped albums -> missing albums

Running roon ROCK core (2.0 build 1182) on a Intel nuc 8 120 GB M2 ssd and 16 gb ram

All is wired network with a fritz box router

Music files are on a synology 1817 NAS

Some 10000 plus albums

Player are Bluesound and hifi berry

I like using the focus function and there especially the storage location possibility to browse my albums. However i found that some albums were missing in the storage location display. Investigating by myself I found that the missing albums are due to the fact that grouped albums (i e albums that I owe multiple copies of and are grouped by roon) are not shown in the storage location display. If I ungroup the respective album of the folder on the nas in roon it is shown in the focus storage location display again (reproducible) and vice versa. I hope it became clear what i mean.
Question is whether the problem is an issue or it was programmed on on purpose (and I simply don‘t see the purpose).
Best regards from Germany

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I am not sure if this will help but, try looking in settings/general for “show hidden tracks and albums” and switch it to “yes” and see if that changes things. It could be that Roon is flagging the grouped albums as duplicates?

Big Thx. This helped.
Merry Christmas

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