Focus : where is the "most played" filter?

I have a bookmark to focus on favorite tracks I never or rarely played.

The problem is that one of the filter I used in Focus to do that " - 500 most played" seems to have disappeared from build 778.

Here is a screenshot of a bookmark that had the criteria applied

Hi @tarru_patepu,

I’m sorry that it’s been this long since you’ve posted this - I wish we could have replied sooner :pleading_face:

Are you still experiencing this with your tags? If so, our technicians will be happy to take a look. Please, just let me know and I’ll pass this thread on to them :slight_smile:

Hello @tarru_patepu, are these focus criteria, or tags?

(One can no longer tell the difference on the screen)

Thanks Rebeka and BrianW for your answers. To be clear, it’s not a tag but a focus criteria that I can’t find anymore. I’m still experiencing the issue on the build 790.

Hey @tarru_patepu,

Thanks a whole lot for clarifying. Normally, you should be able to find that Focus criteria if you scroll to the right:

Do you see it there?

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Ahh, but the OP wants the focus to appear on the tracks browser.

I don’t recall it ever being there, which is why I queried focus or tags.

@ Rebeka Abrudan,
I do indeed see it in “My Album”, but like @ BrianW is saying it’s not a Focus criteria on “My Tracks”. I think it was present before because, like you can see in my screenshot I have a bookmark using it, and it’s still woorking.

Hi @tarru_patepu

This option is not currently available in 1.8 on the Tracks browser. I’ve passed this feedback on to the team for future consideration. Thanks!


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