Folder update / Roon Library Update

When I delete an album from a folder why does it still appear in Roon?

Will it eventually go away?

How is the machine that Roon is running on and the folder related?
Windows/Mac, Local file System / Network Share?
If network share, how did you share it?

When I was downloading the music initially, I accidentally imported it to iTunes.

Which is one of my watched folders.

I put most of my “new” music on my NAS - QNAP TVS-871.

Host is a Mac Mini running Yosemite 10.10.3.

Hi I suspected you might be running Roon on a Mac with a NAS, have a read of this
Best practice for SMB mounts on Yosemite as it relates to Roon

Also make sure you’re on the latest Roon build … Settings --> About as there been some improvements recently connected with Real Time file monitoring on Macs. Roon 1.0 (Build 16) Released!