Folder view in Roon Remote iOS?

I have a large library on my NAS (200,000 tracks), which I have organized in folders, first by file type (MP3-320, FLAC, HD Flac, DSD, etc) and then by Genre (Jazz, Classical, Blues, …). On top of that I have a ‘NEW’ directory where all recent acquisitions are stuffed for easy retrieval until they are ready to be migrated to their permanent folder.
Using my Oppo media app on the Ipad, I can easily browse and navigate that folder structure and find what I want.
Is there a similar feature or option in Roon Remote (in other words: a folder browse instead of a library browse sorted by artist, …) ?

@Patrick_Van_Osta You could use focus or tags to achieve a similar result.


I have similar folders of material also e.g. DVDA, DSD, New, etc

I have each folder added as a watched folder rather than just watching the parent \music\ folder.

This means I can focus on each folder if I need to. In reality, I hardly ever need to do that as I have weened myself away from a folder driven model when I select or review my music.

For example, I can just view “recently added” albums instead of looking at a new folder. This gives me new albums no matter which folder they are in.

For example, I can focus on DSD without needing to know which folders the DSD material is in,

For example, I can look at all hi-res albums together rather than just 192/24 and DSD in separate folders. This is useful for making comparisons and choices for an artist that I have many formats for. I can see them all together rather than wondering if there is an album in another folder.

Just giving you food for thought that there are many ways to view a library that don’t have to be folder-centric…

Have a look at this introduction to focus and bookmarks if you need more information to get this working for you.

I also like the option under settings to show the format when browsing. This shows the format on the Album covers.

Thank you, I guess I need to learn how to focus on DSD and Hi-Res.

Album view
Format (use the right arrow to see all the Focus tools)
Bookmark when you’ve got it the way you want.

Awesome, thank you all for your help.
That does what I needed it to do.

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