Follow up to "Frequent Drop Outs with Roon + Bowers & Wilkins Formation System

Continuing the discussion from Frequent Drop Outs with Roon + Bowers & Wilkins Formation System:

To anyone interested, here’s a follow up to the above closed post I created a few months ago:

My issue with frequent dropouts with Roon + Formation System (Formation Audio + Duos + Bass) surfaced again, despite the fact I switched out my entire router system, and increased my bandwidth by upgrading with my ISP.

I realized it was occurring mostly with MQA files, and I’m thinking now that B&W Formation products don’t like MQA files.

The issue seemed to be solved again by switching the “MQA Capabilities” setting to “No MQA Support”, and “Enable MQA core decoder” setting to “No.” Will wait and see if it the issue returns.


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