Font display issue on newer iPads [known issue, working on it]

Unfortunately, for UI issues like this that only occur on some platforms, it’s very involved for us to identify the issue and determine what the fix might be.

It could be related to the hardware, the operating system, it could be a bug in our code, etc – determining exactly where things are going wrong is possible, but at a minimum you’re talking about a detailed investigation eating up hours and hours of developer time that could be put into all kinds of other priorities, like new features.

This isn’t to say we’re not going to fix it, just to explain why you occasionally see delays like this. It’s much more likely that at some point soon we’ll need to do work on the engine or on an overhaul of our UI – when work like that is required, it’s much less “expensive” for us to do some experimentation and determine whether this is something we can address or something related to the hardware, os, etc.

We will get this fixed @vladimirkl, but I just wanted to give you a little insight into the process here, so it’s clear this isn’t being ignored. We’ll get to it, and we appreciate your patience!