For fun I thought I'd mind node / diagram my entire Audio setup:

Has anyone tried this? Or want to share their own here?
I’m using MindNode for the software.
Curious to get some feedback :slight_smile:

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Curious, do you prefer the sound quality coming from the Wyred4Sound device or the direct USB?
…I have their BLINK device for bluetooth…It sounds very good but I really have no way of comparing to other bluetooth devices…

Good question, somehow… the wyred4 sound.

Technically, the USB is cleaner as the reclocker forces everything into 96khz, so it up samples below 96, but down samples above 96.

i have a faint feeling it’s better if the source is below 96.
if it’s above i switch to USB which bypasses the reclocker and goes straight to the Doge 7