For max SQ : stream in 32-bit or 24-bit to a 24-bit DAC (CXN)?

After some light DSP (volume levelling) I can set the Roon output stream to my CA CXN v2 in 32-bit resolution, but the CXN has a 24-bit DAC. So will the CXN downgrade to 24-bit anyway before DA conversion ? In that case I guess it’s best to have Roon send a 24-bit stream in the first place.

I’ve very briefly been AB testing this and can’t really hear a difference. I just want to make sure the setup is optimal.

Thanks to anyone who can shine their light on this.

Set it to 32 and look at your signal path to see what is going on. Are we talking a V1 and USB or V2 using the Network?

It’s a V2 using network.

That looks quite happy from a Roon perspective. Don’t worry too much about what the CXN chooses to do, whatever it does will be to its best advantage. If you can’t hear a difference then go with 24 bits for reduced bandwidth loading.

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Thanks and yes, I’ve settled with 24 bits for now for the reason you mention. I did send the question to CA support, just to see if they come with a more detailed answer on this. Will take a couple of days before I get an answer I guess.

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