For People Who Claim Outrageous Things Like "Roon Does Not Care"

I held my tongue for a while when reading this stuff, but seriously.

If you feel Roon does not care, then do not use their product as you had a trial period to see if you liked their services. I imagine myself being part of the Roon team and continually receiving these comments and it feels extremely depressing. Imagine yourself doing your work and being passionate about your product to have the same few people say things like “they do not care” over and over again.

I suggest if you have an issue, try to sort it out with Roon by asking the question and attempting to get it solved prior to making these cry baby accusations. If they do not attempt to help out, then you can make that claim.

Give me a break, give THEM a break.

You never had to support them, they didn’t force you to use their product. Trials are given out for a reason.


I fully agree. These rants are more like tantrums than a sincere exchange to further/garner understanding. Picayune mewling about album covers and other trivial matters cheapens the exchange of ideas. Roon is about music.


I genuinely feel bad for people that are like that because it’s a glimpse of their own life. (Really I do, not being sarcastic or disrespectful)

I just had to say something because it’s been borderline abuse to the Roon staff and its extremely unfair to transfer that negative energy to people who are here to help.


Frank, I sensed no sarcasm in your comments. I do concur, sad.

Yep, you can’t possibly create something for all that suits everyone.
Don’t rant, find a work around.
Find a solution.
Put up with the perceived short-comings that don’t seem to bother anyone else and which are usually resolved in most cases by using the default settings and then starting to tweak again as you gain familiarity.
Pay attention to the music, not the medium.
Or go somewhere else. Please.

Who are you people, self appointed leaders of the Roon fanclub? This is Roon’s chosen channel to interact with its customers both for support purposes and to receive feedback and feature requests.

A number of forum members here have a tendency to shoot down dissenting views and ideas and continually tell others raising concerns or feature requests that they don’t see a problem, their ideas and needs have no merit etc. Have they considered for a moment that their needs are different and that their naysaying is disrespectful and dismissive of other users and adds nothing to the discussion. Each customer $ carries equal weight, whether you like it or not and it is for Roon to decide where to put its efforts.

If you don’t agree with something, counter with solutions that address the stated problem (not your perception of it) or stay out of the discussion.

On the other hand if you want a forum filled only with blessings and praise perhaps you and others that feel the same way should host your very own Roon fanclub forum where you can control membership and workarounds and default settings are the order of the day.


Interact sure, my point was being that when you have an issue, try to work with support to figure it out rather than to whine and state over and over Roon does not care this and Roon does not care that. Self appointed leaders of the Roon fan club eh, you sound like a really fun person to be around.

No need for sarcasm when you missed the whole point of the thread to begin with, which is to have respect towards people attempting to help and that whining over it does nothing but providing negative vibes to the forum, and to instead work with support for a solution.

“A number of forum members here have a tendency to shoot down dissenting views and ideas and continually tell others raising concerns or feature requests that they don’t see a problem, their ideas and needs have no merit etc.”

^I can agree with that, but that relates to nothing about my thread of how Roon staff are being disrespected and abused, I never at any time mentioned that others’ needs have no merit. I only suggested for them to take it to support and solve it rather than to bicker and whine.

No one said we wanted a forum filled with only blessings and praise, don’t put words in my mouth.

Is it wrong of me to put attention on how Roon staff are basically being abused by certain individuals over and over with statements like “Roon does not care about ______ or Roon does not care about _____ !” when they themselves had a trial period to decide for THEMSELVES if they want to purchase Roon?

We are all adults, it’s not hard to work together to attempt a solution.

Do I think Roon is perfect? No.
Do I like Roon enough to buy it? Yes.
Do I want Roon staff to be treated with some respect? Yes.
Do I welcome you to the forum? Yes.


If you look I think you’ll find it was not your post I replied to. I had no real issue with it. Pity you chose to become personal and do the very thing you wish to berate others for.

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I love you.

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By 5 year old requests do you mean certain things that customers want that Roon does not ever plan to implement?

As mentioned they have a trial period to figure out if they like it or not enough to purchase.

It is understandable if there is a bug or issue that needs to be solved and not addressed, but what 5 year old topic has not been addressed by Roon that is not a feature that Roon never wanted to implement?

Do you personally feel that Roon support is unresponsive and unhelpful? I have limited experience with them but I do see that they solved all issues I had when I reached out.

They properly already have Jim, ever notice that companies are rolling out updates that “we” never thought of but then realise we “need” or love, thats how they stay on top of their game.


At the end of the day people had a trial given to them to see if they liked Roon enough to purchase. If they have issues, yes I do agree Roon should attempt to solve. But mostly what I see are people expecting something that they personally want and then if not getting it, whine like a child. Thread was made to simply acknowledge no need for that. Statements like "Roon does not care about _____ " are childish and unproductive. Vote with your dollars by not supporting the product if that is what you feel.

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Remember the percentage of people asking for any particular feature are vanishingly small compared to the user base.
This forum as stated by roon many times is generally unrepresentative of the user base of 100k happy rooners (roonies, roonabouts, roonsoolooists?)
Also, IMHO the roon team are a bit bloody minded when it comes to their own path. Perhaps too perverse sometimes, but that is their perogative (again in my opinion)
I signed up four days after launch when it didn’t do a tenth of today’s capabilities. I’d seen Sooloos and thought they’d do good things.
In my experience the users may influence tactical implementations but not the strategy.
Reconcile or reject seems the logical way forward.
Only my opinion.


Very well said.

I agree , I would have said Single rather than Bloody minded but all things are relative

I was once on the receiving end of software design by users, they didn’t understand what they were asking for but bulldozed it through. It derailed a detail plan for a future road map . Actually it didn’t work …

Just my 2 p

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Been there…

… but to be fair, I’ve also been on the other end where the developers really didn’t understand the requirements!

I was writing Beer Loss software , I was the subject matter expert a retiring Brewmaster, I had already designed the maths earlier

But they knew best :face_with_monocle:

I agree with [F208Frank. It’s wrong to make personal allegations about a team that I’m sure is sincere. I ran the free trial and discovered several show-stoppers that meant I couldn’t use the system in its state at that time. I asked them for advice but sadly got no reply. So I abandoned the trial. Maybe I’ll try again when the product is more rounded. But it’s wrong to post abuse and I didn’t. Pity though, it’s such a good idea.

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If you asked via email, then it’s not surprising you did not get a reply. Roon Labs state that support is done via the community forum.

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How about “Roon allocates an unreasonably low priority to XXXX…” ??

Then no one is being accused of not caring.