For some artists local library versions are not showing up in discography only Qobuz versions

**Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number 788
NUC7i5BNH Roon ROCK ver.1.8 build

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Verizon G3100 router gigabit network Roon Rock & servers all hardwired. ipads running ios 14.4.2 used as controllers

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

multiple devices an setups. One is Sonore ultraRendu to Chord Qutest via usb.

Description Of Issue

For some of my artists under discography only Qobuz versions are showing up. None of the local library versions downloaded or ripped show up. Here is an example the artist is Damian Coccio, I have 11 albums downloaded from Bandcamp. When I go to Damian Coccio in Roon and click on discography only 10 albums all from Qobus are there. If I click on Focus it only gives me the option to select from Qobuz. In addition I’m also among those who have many artists where no albums or discography are showing up. I’ve added a post to that support thread.

Check if you have the “only complete recordings” setting active. I have found that recordings in the local collection are not found if that toggle is on… seems to be a bug.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Qnap TS-451+/QTS 8Gb Ram/Roon 1.8 build 756

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Linksys E4200 / Ethernet

Remote Device

MS Surface Pro6 i5/8 Gb ram/ Windows 10 Pro 20H2

Streaming service


Same issue for me. The option for only complete recordings is greyed out for me, but is toggled off anyway.


Thanks for the reply. Where is the “only complete recordings” setting found?


I think this is related to this issue:

I see the same, but for Tidal.
So, for some artists, only the Tidal albums are visible in Discography, and none of the local albums.
But for other artists, the Discography is completely blank, even if both Tidal and local albums exist.

Hi Jan,
I suspect you are correct as I’m having that issue as well. I hope Roon is able to correct these issues quickly. If I go through Albums I can find everything I think. Unfortunately as it currently stands my wife doesn’t want to use Roon due to these issues.

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Go to the Compositions screen, select a classical composition and the toggle will/should be at the bottom of the “Recordings by…” menu on the right. Easy, huh :slight_smile:

Thanks Miguel,
The only complete recordings is off so I’d say that’s not the cause.

Just to let the support staff know build 783 did not correct this issue. It’s still there however I did find a less than ideal work around, if you select the edit icon for the artist it gives the option to view all albums by that artist in your library. Also I do have Qobuz streaming.

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Feels like these are related…

Also sadly not fixed in 783.


Hi Brandon,
I think there are a whole bunch of these issues that are related and as you noted, not fixed in 783.


Hello to Support,

It’s been a week since I first posted asking for support help. I understand that you folks are busy with a great number of issues, but can I at least get an acknowledgment that you have seen my request?

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Hi @Mario_Bucco

Using the Damian Coccio example you provided, can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing? Does the album that you’re not seeing in Discography show up on the Overview page?

Hi Dylan,
Thanks for getting back to me.

Here is a screenshot of the Damian Coccio Overview page. Note that only the Qobuz versions are showing up in Overview and Discogrophy. The album “Trial By Light (Bandcamp)” does not show up in either Overview or Discography.

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Here is a screenshot of Damian Coccio Discography.

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If you look all the albums are from Qobuz not my local library. Now if I click on the edit function for Damian Coccio and select "View albums in library" I can view the local library versions.

I actually want the local library version in Discography not the Qobuz versions. Here is another example of what’s happening. The Acoustic Allstars were a bluegrass supergroup that played a series of shows mostly at The Birchmere. The tapes of the shows were semi-bootlegs and are only available through my local library. Here is a screenshot of the artist page.

And here is a screenshot of the Artist Discography.

Ok, now if I select the Artist edit button and the “view albums in my library” here is the resulting screen shot.

I hope these help you all figure out what’s going on. Thanks.


Hi Dylan,

Here are some more screenshots to show you what I’m finding.

This first series are of a New Year’s Eve Performance by The Tony Rice Unit & The Seldom Scene.
Here’s the Artist Page.

Here's what I get if I select the Artists edit button and then "view albums in library"

And here is the actual album in my library.

This next series is of the Album “MaMaVig” by Jamie Masefield, Gary Mazzaroppi & Frank Vignola. The album shows up in Frank Vignola’s Artist page Overview and in the Discography.

But for Jamie Masefield & Gary Mazzaroppi it doesn't show up in overview or discography (Mazzaroppi) but it does show up if I select Artist edit and then "view albums in my library" I'm only including screenshots for Jamie Masefield. Here's his Artist Page

And here's what I get if I select edit on the Artist page and then "view albums in the library".


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Hi Dylan,

A few updates for you. After a post from Scott G, I went back and checked the Damian Coccio albums, I was able to go through the album edit function and Identify about 2/3 of Damian’s albums in my library. Now when I go to the Artist page all of his albums in my library are showing up in Overview.

However when I pull up Dicography the album “Trial By Light (Bandcamp)” a different version is not there.


Here is another example of the issue I’m seeing. This involves a set of three albums, “Birth of Surf Vol.1”, “Birth of Surf Vol.2” and “Birth of Surf Vol. 3”. All have been identified and are compilations with various artists contributing. To make them easier to locate I created an Artist page ‘The Birth of Surf’. On that Artist page the three albums do not show up for Overview.

There is no 'Discoraphy' section. If I select Artist edit and then "view albums in library" I get this.

. And here is a screenshot of "The Birth of Surf , Vol. 2" from the album category.


Again thanks for your time. I hope all this helps, I’d love to get back to a smooth operating system.

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I noticed that it has been over two weeks since I started this post in support and it’s been almost a week since I’ve heard from support. I’ve also noted it’s going on three weeks since this type of behavior was first reported. It seems like there have been more reports of this type of behavior since then. Dylan or Support can you give us some idea of where things stand with a fix?

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