Forced upsample on Lindemann Limetree Bridge

I took delivery today of a Lindemann Limetree Bridge to replace a microRendu. Sounds great, but Roon is forcing an upsample to 96khz on all content (my library is all 16/44).

My connected DAC is a Sugden Masterclass DAC-4, and I didn’t have this issue with the microRendu.

There is a dialogue in audio settings stating that the Limetree Bridge isn’t certified (which their material claims it is) – could this be a part of the issue?


Roon ROCK –> Router –> Wifi –> Lindemann Bridge –> Sugden DAC-4

Hello @BWQ,

The Lindemann Limetree Bridge converts all incoming streams to either a 88.2/96kHz stream in mode 1 or 176.4/192kHz in mode 2. To switch modes, hold the power switch in the “up” position for three seconds.

The device is currently undergoing Roon Ready certification, we expect it to be a smooth process and we hope to have the process completed soon.


Thanks for the quick reply! Makes sense. Do you have an estimate of when it will be certified and icon added? Sounds great and is a great upgrade from the mR.

Hello @BWQ,

Unfortunately, we are unable to give estimates on the timeline of a certification. What I can say is the Lindemann is actively engaged and working with us to complete the Roon Ready certification processs as soon as possible.


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Thanks John!

Has the Limetree been fully certified yet?

Good question, my Limetree Network is arriving tomorrow. Lindemann is on the roon ready partner list, but the limetree is not in the device matrix. @support ?

Really glad I read this thread. I’ve been looking for something to upsample to 96K or 192K without involving Roon DSP. Once my DAC receives a 96/192K stream, it can then upsample to 768K, which I prefer.

@Dick_Vliek - After you’ve had the device for awhile, please post your thoughts.

Don’t know if I can get it in Amerika.

Happy to help you there, if needed

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I have ordered the Limetree Network, not the Bridge. The Network is a streamer (incl wifi), dac and headphone amp in one device. Exactly what I was looking for.

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Yeah, after looking at the web site, I realize it won’t fit my purpose anyway.

Like most upsampling hardware, it will only upsample in multiples, i.e in order to upsample to 96/192K it needs a stream of 48K. Most of my stuff is 44.1, so no good for me.

Luckily, Roon DSP has no such integral restrictions.

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Hello @asindc,

The Lindemann Limetree Network and Limetree Bridge are both fully Roon Ready certified.

And thank you @Dick_Vliek for pointing out the missing entry on the Roon Partner Device Matrix, I have added both devices to the list.


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I’ve had the Limetree Bridge since January and have been very happy coming from an upgraded microRendu 1.4. If using an external DAC the bridge is the way to go, as it includes SPDIF and optical outputs. The presentation is a well ahead musically compared to the mR 1.4 in my opinion, though that’s in my system. I think Lindemann has done a great job on the bridge, and given the presentation I would only consider moving to the DCS bridge from here.

Furthermore, Lindemann have just upgraded the firmware to allow attaching an external USB CD drive, and using an Apple Superdrive makes for a very musical CD player. Lastly, it should also support Spotify connect in the coming months if that’s of any interest. I think the Network benefits from these upgrades as well.

Yeah, I never had an mR, but I had an SMS-200, which I didn’t find any benefit to.

Although I had it in-house and prematurely rejected it in the past , I’m going to revisit a Mutec 3+ USB. It converts from USB to BNC (among others), re-clocks the signal, converts DSD to PCM, and offers galvanic isolation.

By using that in my chain and because I only stream Roon, I can use a $40 RPi as a streamer and let the Mutec do all the heavy lifting.

Each to their own, just sorry the Limetree didn’t upsample the way I needed.

I have a Bridge and this is showing as not certified in Roon. Connected to NAC and feeding Chord DSX1000

Hello @Dave_Painter,

Ensure that you are running the latest firmware on the Lindemann Limetree Bridge. The most common method to update the firmware is to use the Lindemann app on Android or iOS.


Yes I’ve tried that but it states this is up to date. Can’t find out what latest firmware version should be
I’m on 1.0.52

My Limetree Bridge updated to v1.7.0 in May 2019 and has shown as being Roon certified since that point.


I can’t seem to update from within the Apple app. Firmware update just stated not available

Hello @Dave_Painter,

I recommend reaching out to the Lindemann support team for assistance with updating your device: