Forcing tracks to play in a particular order

Hi Jeff (@Placebophile ),

Interestingly enough, turning the “Roon radio” button to ‘Off’ … has stopped side 2 playing straight after side 1, for the BBF album! :worried:

Roon Radio has nothing to with the play order of files. It automatically adds tracks to the queue after the tracks that you added to the queue, via Play buttons, have finished playing.

I’m happy to continue helping but I think that we’re going to keep going in circles until your files are properly tagged.
I’d also suggest reading the Roon Knowledge Base articles - particularly those concerning Library, Playing Files and The Queue.

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OK I see. There would be hardware DSP solutions such as Dirac Live that can do this to any source input including vinyl

Yes, @Suedkiez - Dirac Live is another (simpler!) solution. However, if I used Dirac Live on, say, a miniDSP Flex 8 … there are only 2048 taps available for each channel.

Whereas the processing power that my new PC has … will offer a lot more than 10x that.

I am sure the audio industry has some other solutions as well that can digitize a phono preamp line-level output in realtime and send it to a computer, but we all have to make our choices about how we want to spend our time :slight_smile:

Just a thought, but a possible alternative to going through the hassle of digitising your LPs would be to keep the experience of playing your vinyl and connect your TT into Roon using something like RooPlay…

Disclaimer: I am not a user of these products, just aware that they exist…


Wow, @Geoff_Coupe - that is absolutely what is required! :+1:

Where do I find out more about this ‘rooPlay’?

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Thank you, Geoff … but following your links - it seems I need a Rasberry Pi running Roon - not a Windows PC? See here:

I will ask questions of the developer.


Nope - the RPi is for running the RooExtend software.

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Aah, that might be a problem then, Geoff. :woozy_face:

You have the choice of DIY and getting the RPi yourself or buying the ready-built RooExtend product.