Forgetting everything

When I opened Roon yesterday, it only showed 2 tracks - then, as I watched, it started to autopopulate from my 2 watched folders (2 NAS hard drives). Somehow, it had convinced itself that it had no music (or 2 tracks) and then started to rebuild.

I’m not religious about doing backups (and wouldn’t be too distressed by a rebuild, as my files are in pretty good shape), but I had a backup from a month ago, so have just finished a restore and am now scanning for files added in the interim.

Is there an event log that I can scan to see why Roon tried to do a HAL9000? I do see that the headless Windows machine where it runs did an update to 1809.

Hi @Ian_Murphy,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your observations with us. I’m glad to hear that things seem to be okay now that you’ve restored a backup. This may have been something that was triggered by the Windows update. If you notice this behavior occur again please let us know and we can enable diagnostics on your account and take a look.


Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. The backup restore completed, but the results “feel” a little odd (can’t be more precise than that, but there’s a bunch of missing artwork and some other oddities), but more to the point, Roon doesn’t seem to be picking up files from my watched folders, including a few files that I dumped in yesterday to test this.

I’m inclined to scratch my old database and rebuild (since, as I mentioned, that’s not the end of the world). Before I do, can you ‘enable diagnostics,’ whatever that means, in case there’s something to learn?

Hello @Ian_Murphy,

Do you have any specific examples that you can point out of what is different?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

nah. I was able to disconnect and reconnect the watched folders and they resumed watching and scarfed everything back up. Mostly I was just wondering if there was a log somewhere that might clue me in as to what had started the process.

Hi @Ian_Murphy,

You can find logs by using the instructions found here.