Forum display of "Name"

Quick question/suggestion: rarely I’ve seen a forum based on both username and “real name” one next to each other. Don’t you think you could prevent the real name from being displayed by default?

You can request a name change at any time

I’d say it’s more a question of architectural logic to me (I’m not a Roon user for no reason :slight_smile:). If you have a forum username why doubling it with one’s “real name”?

N.b. and also a question of privacy in case of hacking. My ex Roon account has been hacked through my gmail and my real name is displayed on the first posts I published on the forum. (If you can do something about it I’d be very happy.)

There is an option to have whatever username you choose to be displayed.
The second name under that is one you can choose yourself to say whatever you desire as long as it meets forum rules.
This you will find under your profile.
Roon forum defaults to your real name on first sign up.

Look at mine for example.

As soon as your username is changed, all of your existing posts username will change as well


Username changes propagate back to all posts.

I’d suggest rossbob.


Yes but this doesn’t reply to my point. My point is about redundancy by default (and the privacy issue it can lead to).

You can put whatever you like on the second line, as long as it meets forum rules… it can be yours, your ex-wife’s, or your cats name - or perhaps, not a name.

Thanks but again that’s not my point. I know that I can change whatever I want both with my username and my real name. No need to be sarcastic about that. The question is: why on earth is there both options in the first place? I mean you are the metadata experts, would you put the same guy as Artist and Album Artist next to each other?

As an aside, plenty of people use both the ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST tag in files, even when identical. There are some music server software programs where you can do different things depending on the values of ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST.

It’s the way the forum software (Discourse) works. The username is a single word, and this can be a nickname or whatever you like as long as certain characters aren’t used. The other is free text to use how you like.

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I asked for a reply to a question not a judgement on how I asked the question.

Thanks @Martin_Webster for your answer.

My two cents:

  • People should be prompted to choose their user name when joining the forum. At a minimum, it should not default to anything resembling real name.
  • Name field, being optional, should default to empty.

Yes this is also what I would expect when signing in to a forum. I don’t know whether this is possible within a Discourse framework.

Name is optional. Leave it blank. Use whatever you want for user name. Contact Discourse to complain about their application.

I might be wrong, but I don’t remember filling out user name; I just remember changing it later.

This is Roon’s forum, it’s their responsibility to ensure secure defaults. I don’t know or care about Discourse.

Users have some responsibility. Roon uses Discourse for this forum. Use it properly.

Name is optional.

Precisely, it is optional but it is filled by default. If you aren’t cautious (like I was) you end up with your name sticking on your first posts. You can change it later but I was fortunate enough to be hacked right afterwards :frowning: It’s not the end of the world but it’s never a good feeling to have your name associated to an online account you cannot control.

Is your name James Ross?

Is your name James Ross?

Ha ha that would be quite ironic!

It only takes one post to reveal real name.