Forum is the only way to contact support?!

I am little bit shocked. ROON is commercial service where users pay their money and the only way to report a problem is to create a topic in the community forum?

Well, it will be one more item in my “don’t buy” side of decision list. Unless i am missing something.


Support can often be great here, though it can at times be slower to get an official attention than you might want. The team works hard and is smart. However, the real point of the forum is that you’ll often get great support from other users who know the product and are passionate about it. Read a few threads before dismissing, is my request!

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@Johnny_Ooooops has it right

There are many users, I might call them “super users” who have used Roon from the start, for issues that don’t need deep insight into logs etc the advice from such users sorts many problems very quickly.

Support is by definition numbers limited, users are many.

If that is your only worry , I would park it

Once running with stability it’s unlikely you will need support

In 4 years I have never needed support as such

Community forum as compliment is fine. However when it comes to commercial service then straightforward way to contact support is a must by consumer protection laws in many jurisdiction unless T&C explicitly state that there is no support but this may make the company not legitimate to operate in some jurisdictions

There is always risk to get support topic spammed with unprofessional advices. And in my specific case - the community could not have helped so far


So be it , this type of support is common, however illegal, compare JRiver, Audirvana etc they run the same system.

Only trying to help

It sounds like now would be a good time to duck out of Roon before you get more disillusioned

Good luck in the search for an alternative

Thank you Mike, maybe you are right and I expect too much. I have tried both JRiver and Audirvana and have removed them from my list already :slight_smile:
So far ROON tis the best candidate. Maybe that’s why I worry

There are a few techie things to ensure happiness, the main one is connectivity, use Ethernet if you can. It may seem I am anti WiFi but with good reason

Then approach navigation with an open mind, there is normally several ways of getting to what you want. Read the knowledge base it’s normally quite comprehensive

Third don’t think questions are “stupid questions” we’ve all got the T shirt.

2 weeks trial is way too short to absorb Roon , did you know you can do a monthly sub, maybe do 3 months before you decide

Ps not meant to be patronizing, I had 3 false starts before I finally decided an I still have doubts occasionally :face_with_monocle:

From my experience - unfortunately yes …

It’s software from a relatively small company so yes support comes via the forum. For the most part it works well, but there are time when things slip through the cracks. As they are growing in size I see no reason for them not add a support email to send out requests to. Like most software companies they will be using some tracking software such as Jira and it really isn’t hard to integrate that side at all and I feel will be more beneficial as it won’t get all the user input that often causes problems due to manorisms, bad advice or more misunderstanding.

I already replied that I might be expecting too much but please don’t squeeze tears from me because “a relatively small company” wants not quite small money for the service from its clients


Even when companies do offer direct customer service email support, answers are often got more quickly by raising issues on a forum. You only need to check out Twitter and Facebook feeds for this.

So many basic issues (not yours, obviously) can be solved by friendly peer advice, thus resulting in tech support not being overwhelmed. Forum support models also provide a vast repository of useful information for those facing similar issues/problems in the future.

I suspect that the forum support model is set to grow further in the coming years, but who knows.

What’s the cost of the product to do with support. Do you get any better from Tidal, Qobuz , Netflix, Google and they charge about the same. I have way more expensive items that get way less support and some for free that get way more and better than anything , but they don’t have a huge client base so it’s easier for them. In some instances you can only email and pray for a response or its a trip to the dealer which right now isn’t an option.

Why do you not send a message through the home page?

The Terms and Conditions do state:

9. Support

9.1 Our technical support staff will endeavour to answer any queries which you, as the original registered purchaser, may have regarding the use or application of the Roon Software during the Warranty Period. Please address questions either to the Roon support forums at or in an email to

However, the Support Team has also stated that they prefer us to use the Support Category of the forum, because then the issues (and solutions) can be seen by everybody, which speeds up subsequent resolution of the same issue.

@CrystalGipsy yes I do get much better customer support from any commercial service I use. Be it Tidal or Spotify or others. They usually response within 24 hours.
I can’t really get your point, are you working for ROON or you are just enjoying getting less by paying more?

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many thanks @Peter_Bruderer - that is what I was looking for. May I know the URL?

Click on the 3 bars on the top right -> Contact us

No and no just a user like everyone else. It is also the weekend so dont expect support. Personally Netflix is dire as are all the streaming services I use.

I would advise giving it a trial for 3 months as someone suggested above, and see how much support you think you are likely to need.

My computer literacy is OK, but don’t ask me to dig too deep!
At the outset I had a couple of usability issues or not knowing how something worked (in fact I’m still learning new functions now, just over a year later), but getting in touch with Support?
Hasn’t happened so far.

Network stability and system set up seem to create the most challenges for people (not in my case) , but once these are sorted it’s then simply ‘how do I use this function?’ or ‘how do I do that?’ that are the questions that get asked.

Maybe back to Plex Plex :smiling_imp: there support is instant an wonderful I hear …

This is heading towards troll

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