Found a bug - Focus from a bookmark

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Windows 10.

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Sorry for the lack of info above. It’s not relevant to the bug. On any device I have with a touch-screen (my Win 10 core has one, and ipad), when a bookmark includes use of the Focus field, clicking on the bookmark not only implements the focus, it brings up the on-screen keyboard.

I assume this is because when the bookmark uses Focus, it puts the cursor or pointer into the focus field momentarily. But this brings up the keyboard when no typing is intended.

Kind of undoes the value of the bookmark, because now I have another click to close the keyboard.

It’s not earth shattering, but not a smooth UI experience…

Hi @James_I,

We aren’t seeing this happening on our end. We’ve tried Android, iOS, and Windows with a touch screen.

Can you record a video of what’s happening?

Is this happening with every bookmark that includes a focus?

I’ll see what I can do. Is it possible to upload a video?

I only have one bookmark, so I cannot answer the last question…

Hi @James_I,

You can share a link using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service). If you don’t have a service to share it with just let me know.

As a test it would be good to create a temporary test bookmark that’s a bit different than your original bookmark. Knowing if this is specific to the focus used or not would be helpful for the team in pinpointing the exact root of the issue here.


OK I just PM’d you with a link to the video.

BTW, I’ve now duplicated this bug via 2 different cores, two different houses, an ipad, 2 remote PCs with touch monitors, and one PC without a touch monitor.

You need to Enable the On-Screen Keyboard for this to happen. It reliably does.

Thanks for letting us know, @James_I! I’ve confirmed that this is still with the team for investigation and I’ll follow up as soon as I have more details.

Hi @James_I,

  1. Is this happening for every bookmark?
  2. If Focus is not used do things work properly?
  3. If it’s Focus specific, do all Focus criteria cause this issue?


Hi Dylan:

  1. No, it does not. I only had one bookmark (but it is important to how I access my tagged music) that used focus. That is when this happens - the cursor goes to the focus box. This brings up the on-screen keyboard even though I don’t need to type anything since it is a Bookmark. I created another bookmark that is just an album, doesn’t use Focus, and it doesn’t bring up the keyboard.

  2. Not sure what you mean. This is not about Focus per se, it is about having the on-screen keyboard pop up when it shouldn’t. If you use a bookmark that includes a Focus, the keyboard pops up. If you click on Focus, a keyboard pops up. If you click on the search icon, the keyboard pops up. This is true even on a non-touchscreen device, once “Enable On-Screen Keyboard” is toggled to Yes.

It’s your decision as to whether you think it makes sense to pop up an onscreen keyboard at any point for a non-touch device. But it should not pop up just because a Bookmark includes use of the Focus feature.

  1. Not sure I understand this question except as #2 above already answers it?

Maybe I need to be a little more clear about why I think this is a bug:

I understand that if I click on the Focus icon, it brings up a field that I’m supposed to type in. Thus, if I have the onscreen keyboard enabled in settings, clicking the Focus icon should bring up the keyboard.

I also understand that a Bookmark is a shortcut to a spot, and if I shortcut to a spot where the last used function is Focus, I have effectively clicked the Focus icon, thus triggering the series of events that ends with the on-screen keyboard.

HOWEVER, if my Bookmark goes to a spot where I’ve already typed in my Focus string and the Focus function is completed, I don’t understand why the keyboard pops. And it makes Bookmarking using Focus a kludgy, not well programmed kind of feel. I’m using Focus but I don’t need to type anything at this moment so I should have the keyboard pop open.

Does that help clarify?

Hi @James_I,

Thanks for the followup. I’ve done some additional testing here and, at first, I was not able to reproduce this. My laptop has a touch screen and also folds back into a tablet. What I found is that this only occurs when Windows is in a tablet mode.

If I’m in laptop mode, even with keyboard settings enabled, nothing happens when I select the bookmark. Once I switched over to tablet mode, I did see this behavior start occurring.

Now that I’ve been able to reproduce I’ve opened up a ticket with our team — I can’t say for sure when a change will be made here, but reproducing is a critical first step. I’ll be sure to update you when we have more information.


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