Found and Lost Metadata

I have a 15 box set of louis armstrong that when separated in folders, Roon found the correct Metadata and identified the album with liner notes. Now that they are merged, it’s gone and I cannot find it with the search option. Which is very limited, btw. If I put in Louis Armstrong without album name, why can’t I see every album made?

Thanks -

Hi @Chris_Lischy,

Just to clarify here, the box set was in different folders in the storage location and you moved all the tracks to one folder? Or was there a merge done in Roon?

We have some information about the best practice for importing box sets here — I definitely recommend checking that article out.

Hi Dylan - That is helpful. One thing I’m not satisfied with is the options for MetaData sources. I know the data exists for some of my classic jazz albums but how do I get Roon to grab it? Where are you reaching out for the data and are there more options? Thanks -

Hi @Chris_Lischy,

Generally, if you find an album on AllMusic or MusicBrainz, that data will be available in Roon.

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