Free tier of Plexamp now available (as of Plexamp V4.8.0)

For Roon users looking to augment their environment, Plex now offers a free level of Plexamp (no Plexpass required). I find their ‘remote access support’ of Plex rock solid and my primary use case of Plexamp is “on-the-go” (e.g car) to access my complete private library of FLAC files. Plex remote access just simply works without fail every time. Setting up the additional Plex media server on my NUC could not have been easier. And now, it is completely free to use for music lovers! fyi, I am not affiliated with Plex, just a huge music lover who uses Roon (at home) and Plex (on the go).


Free tier is limited in functions, no offline playback, no fancy playlist builders, no bit perfect, no eq.

Yes, but my main point was that Plexamp remote access simply works without fail every time. I’m not sure Roon ARC will ever be able to make that claim. My internet provider forces me into a ‘double-nat’ scenario, so Roon ARC would never work for me anyway. Also, even though the free tier of Plexamp is limited, it is still much more than Roon ARC will ever be. And besides, the lifetime Plexpass price is chicken feed to have a fully-functional reliable remote access music player. That is, Plex usually has a 25% off Black Friday sale (meaning a $90 lifetime pass). My remote access needs don’t require the audio quality I get with Roon for in-home use, so Plex is the perfect solution for on-the-go music playback.