Frequent mini interruptions

Roon Core Machine

MacOS on new MacMini

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Good wifi signal, connected via LAN.

Connected Audio Devices

Lime tree Network Streamer.

Number of Tracks in Library

All music trough Tidal.

Description of Issue

Since a few weeks the streaming is interrupted a few times per hour. Not for more than a second. Don’t need to do anything to continue, it comes immediately back.
No similar issues with streaming video or listening to Tidal directly.

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Same here. I have the roon core running in a docker container on Synology. I use roopieee with connected lan cable to a raspi 4. Never had this problems before the 1.8 version. The short interrupts are a couples of times an hour.

Thank you for your response.
I’ve been trying to figure out what the sorce might be. So far no problem when listening to the music via Tidal directly. Need to spend more time on that though.
I’m new here. Do you know if support staff at Roon Labs can be approached directly with issues like this?
Best regards

I solved my problem by changing my hifiberry digi + pro connection from coax to spdif. I think it was kind of ground loop problem. My pi is connected with USB to a DAC and with the hifiberry HAT to my AV Receiver. since i changed to spdif the short interruptions are gone.

If you can look at your router DNS server entries and if they are pointing at isp servers change them to Google or cloudfare dns servers.

Hey @Goran_Johansson sorry to hear about the issue you’re experiencing, I’d love to help!

Could you please tell us a bit more about the network gear you have? Are you using a router? What model/manufacturer? Is your Core connected via WiFi (I see you mention you have good WiFi, is that what you meant)?

Does this happen for all zones, what happens if you play to “System Output”?

Were you able to try changing the DNS, as @ged_hickman1 suggested? Did that help?


Thank you for contacting me.
The router is brand new, delivered by the major Swedish telecom operator. Not sure about manufacturer.
The core is connected via lan cable, and the signal is good.

Not using more than one zone.

Don’t know what System Output means.

Didn’t understand the suggested change of DNS, sorry.

At the moment not at the house, away for a few weeks.

Most grateful for any further input.


Thanks for the response!

The System Output in Roon will play to whatever is selected as the default/currently selected audio device for the mac mini. An example is a pair of headphones or computer speakers.

To change the DNS, you can follow these instructions provided by Google:

Also, not a problem that you’ll be away - we can continue the conversation whenever you’re ready. I’ll be alerted when you respond so there should be no worry on that end. I’m happy to continue troubleshooting whenever you are able, just let me know when you’re back and we can proceed!

Will be back

@Goran_Johansson the symptoms you are experiencing are very similar to a known issue with TIDAL streaming. We have been releasing updates about this issue and have narrowed down where this may be happening. I’m hoping that when you return, the issue has been corrected, but I would recommend that you review this thread that discusses it in detail: TIDAL Jumping/Skipping

For right now, we are recommending the following steps:

I have no problems when streaming from Tidal and keeping Roon shut down.
And no jumping or skipping. Only short breaks.
My streamer, Limetree by Lindemann, has its own App. Same here, when shutting down Roon and using this App to run Tidal, I have no problems.

Thanks for responding to my latest suggestion! This issue is pertaining to playing TIDAL tracks within Roon - what you just described sounds like it could be related to the issue posted above.

Since you won’t be able to troubleshoot for a while, we can keep an eye on how this issue resolution is going and if by the time you get back, the issue has been solved and you’re still experiencing issues, we’ll continue where we left off, which would be determining the following:

  • Playing to “System Output” and seeing if the issue still occurs
  • Changing the DNS using the instructions listed above

If at that point, you’re still experiencing mini interruptions, we can continue to next steps.



Hello again,
Last week I came to my house where my Roon Core is. I then made an update of the Roon System, as recommended by a message. Since then I have not had any disturbances at all!!
Hopefully that update got rid oaf my problems.

Thank You for your kind support!


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Thanks for the update, Goran! This is great news! :partying_face: