Frustrated with being ignored by Support

Hi Guys the target on this thread is Roon support and not @Suedkiez who does a great job to make up for the inadequacy of the support organisation.

His views on a support organisation are his and he is entitled to them. Some of of you seem to be attacking him as a proxy for Roon and that is not acceptable. This will be the quickest way to get this thread shut down.

It’s sad that Roon is losing the mindset of so many loyal and supportive users such as @Andreas_Philipp1 through a lack of interaction with it’s customer base and a lack of fixing long standing issues.


If enough individual customers get fed up with the lack of any effective customer support, or feel that features heavily marketed by Roon as differentiating features don’t consistently work as advertised, or perceive unnecessary and unaddressed instability of the software product… eventually Roon’s metrics, whatever they are, will be affected and they’ll have to revaluate.

If a service company catering to such a niche clientele as Roon, does stop to communicate with empathy and strife to satisfy its customers, it cannot but fail…


I don’t have any issue with @Suedkiez and his contributions are admirable. I am a little disappointed that his responses seemingly were aimed at minimizing and denying justifiable frustration expressed in a feedback forum (where presumably such opinions should be welcomed). I’m obviously biased, as the opinion is mine, but I do understand the customer service/support business well and feel confident that my feedback is valid.


I am not agreeing with his viewpoint, merely being tolerant that he holds them. Clearly some of us think very differently about these things and I feel that Roon has done an awful job of engaging with the community for the last year or two as well as delivering shoddy and half complete software.

I personally see this as a valuable thread so it would be good that it continues to run without getting closed by a moderator because lines are being crossed (and I feel that was my point).

Roon need’s to understand that this is not a cash cow that can be milked without delivering something of value in return, and they have not been getting that message and if long standing user’s are leaving then that does not bode well for the future of Roon.


Gentlemen, and I sincerely hope that is the correct appellation here today.
Can we try and retrain ourselves and hold back the vitriol.
Remember to discuss the topic and not fellow members
Thank you for your compliance!


Agreed. Let’s keep this discussion focused.

100% with you :+1:


Hear hear :+1:

We are all feeling Roon’s support levels, good or bad.

We are all Roon customers and we need to join as one voice if we feel Roon support isn’t at its best.

We are restless of some of the issues within Roon. I have a few but can work with these minor issues with workarounds etc.

I’ve been a Roon advocate since being a member because in my use case it’s (near) perfect.

All software has bugs.

The workflow software I use at work has become completely unusable as of late. We found out on Friday they’re dropping support for the older software in favour of the new software. For me, adept at picking up new things, this isn’t an issue. For my colleagues who are as adept they need fully retraining.

I’ve had a few moans lately, in private, about Roon. I am still using Roon and Arc.

Many of us use this forum for good. Many of us give up our time to help others. My post the other day to thank @Suedkiez and I guess everyone who helps others. We aren’t Roon staff, just happy helpers.

We want to see the Roon experience be the best it can be.

I guess if you have a grievance with Roon, Roon support you could PM Danny. The feedback section is also a good route too.

Peace be with you my fellow Roonies. :pray::blush:


Got to say, I like the term “Roonsplaining”! :rofl:


Another case of guessing from afar without a clue

@Suedkiez you’ve made it clear where you stand on this. However, I feel my dissatisfaction is valid. Respectfully, I’d like to avoid this thread being closed by moderators. They’ve already put the thread on notice and applied post frequency restrictions. As my original complaint involves being ignored, I’d rather not add my feedback thread being silenced to the list.

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It’s been a little over a month since I started this thread and I’d like to note a few things.

First, true to my original frustration and complaint, there has been no response from Roon Support or any other staff member on the state of the duplicate track history bug. Nothing here, where I’ve complained about the lack of progress and communication nor in the original threads on the issue.

Second, in the meantime another user has reported the issue here.

Finally, it’s unfortunate that any momentum this thread might have had towards influencing some sort of Roon response was quickly derailed by the mods when they disrupted the discourse and effectively silenced the discussion around negative customer satisfaction.


It may not have gained the traction you wanted, but I disagree with your comment.
Even yourself previously agree with the moderator intervention … see …

In my opinion the intervention was lightweight, reminding people to discuss the topic not the authors, not doing so would most likely have resulted in the topic going down the rabbit hole and subsequently being closed.

Roon will have read this topic, but they rarely comment. I’m not defending them just stating how it is.

Roon acknowledged the issue. When they have nothing more to add, they don’t respond further. They are too busy to post responses with no new information.

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All Tech Support are like my wife. I’m ignored until they want something from me :rofl:

I’m still waiting for a full response from Ubiquiti over an error with their Android Unifi app. They asked for more information, then nothing for a few days. It’s life I’m afraid and we need to hold fire sometimes :wink:

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This is my experience as well. Problem is, a user contacts them because they have a question or a need and expects a response.

This model of just shutting up when they have nothing to add is infuriating. It’s the «silent treatment» which, as everyone knows, causes a bad time for everyone.

If it’s really true that Roon responds as long as they have something new to say, they’ve understood less than ChatGPT. Humans need acknowledgement and closure whereas computers don’t, unfortunately customers are humans…


Roon support is terrible. No other way to say it. Some issues not addressed for years, customer questions never beign answered and than threads simply closed…unacepptable. I have been using Roon for 7-8 years now, but now I am pretty much fed up with degrading perfomance. I am wandering, which software You consider as alternative, as I am looking to move away from Roon and get someting that works as promised?


Hi @Mario_Mendes,

I’m not defending Roon support here, I too believe their service needs improving, it’s way off par.
I see a lot of frustration on the board, but conversely I also see many support topics with a positive outcome.

I speak to the support team from time to time (circa every quarter) … and the number one comment is that in order for Roon to efficiently investigate an issue it requires cooperation from the reporter especially to supply the requested details.

It looks like Roon’s support team are waiting for your reply …

I can only recommend you re-engage with support, I hope in doing so you have a better experience with Roon. If not then at least you’ve done your part.

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As a developer myself I can report that is very true, it is frustrating when a user reports an issue I often have to ask for a little bit more information (often simply send me log files) and then I never hear back. Why do customers do this ?

Because there are no clear instructions/guidelines where to find the required logs.
Only when support requests, within an individual topic, clear instructions are provided