FS: HDPLEX 200W Silent PC Power supply [SOLD]

I made a boo boo in speccing my studio pc and need a 650W monster for the RME And the UAD sound card and the Radeon graphics card I use to offload processing to, this is not gonna juice all of these.

This would make a perfect completely silent PC for your Fanless project. it’s £100 new ($127) and has been sitting about more or less unused since I realised my mistake. Asking £85. Delivered.

if you are going to make a Roonserver or a general home media server for an ATX/Mini ATX or ITX board this will be a really good PSU As it can deliver An actual real 200W of power. It was planned for my i7-9700K build but In the end I went for a 400W monster mostly for the Radeon.

Packed and ready to go. This for both the PSU and the 200W supply. all hardware included, all cables included. You’re good to go.

it is this model as the combo…


Hi just a side comment.

Please post a build pic. You can see my new (as of last summer) RoonServer build in this thread:

I used a: Corsair HXi Series, HX750i, 750 Watt, 80+ Platinum Certified, Fully Modular - Digital Power Supply

I will when all the parts are in place :slight_smile:

My i3 Mini ITX Roonserver using similar parts based on the Plex H3 case and 100W PSU is here but this is an i7-9700K ATX PC built in the H5 mk 2 case for my recording studio projects. A monster.

Very nice, must have missed the post the first time around.

Nice. Beautiful case :smiley:

It’s my little space heater… when the Radeon card goes in it’lll be a lot warmer too, just within the thermal abilities of the H5, but only because I am not a gamer-dude.