FS: IOM Hypex Power Amplifiers [SOLD]

Treatment (first cycle) went well and hospital visits reduced from 4/5 days each week to 2 - so finally got time and energy to put up photos and better description!

Amplifiers were supplied by Internet of Music in 2017: IOM
Each amp has an Hypex NC122MP board – so each amp can provide 2x125w (4 ohms) 2x75W 98 ohms). Full spec from Hypex here: Hypex Spec

Cases are solid – made from 6mm thick aluminium all round. Inputs are XLR sockets and speaker terminals can take 4mm plugs, spades or bare wires. The amps are set up as standard stereo amps. One thing they don’t have is a trigger input (this would mean that the amp could be switched on by a signal from a preamp) – mine were bought in the early days of IoM before a trigger input was included.

There is an option – simply involves taking the top off and swapping the grey ribbon cables in the amps for the black ones (shown in the photos). This changes the amps so that one of the XLR inputs drives both of the NC122MP channels. I used them in this way to bi-amp speakers – so each speaker had one amplifier and the speaker outputs drove the treble and bass sections separately. I know that this could be done with cables but it saves the expense of buying XLR splitter cables!

I’m looking for around £400 for the pair of amplifiers plus postage (which I think would be about £20 in UK, would have to check if outside UK).

They use the same modules as the Audiophonics MPA-S125NC which currently sell for £270 each – I much prefer the IoM case to the audiophonics one but that’s a personal preference!

If you have XLR outputs from DAC / Preamp then you will need XLR to XLR cables. If output from DAC / Preamp is RCA then you will need RCA to XLR cables. I have some 2 metre cables - 2 XLR to XLR cables and 2 RCA to XLR cables. They use hugh quality belden cable and Neutrik connectors (made by design a Cable). Cost about £90 originally so could include for £40 if wanted.



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Prices and location, shipping to, would help I think.

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I use a Hypex NC133MP amp in my streamer in the shop which drives a set of Quad 2805’s. It is a very good sounding amp, well worth considering,

No relation to the seller, just a happy NC122MP user.