Fuj:tech Ethernet to HDMI Converter

My windows 10 computer does not have rj-45 connector. It is connected through wi-fi to home net and all my players are connected to the home net through cat-cables. When I recently set up the system, my players, Lyngdorf TDAi-3400 and Linn Akurate worked just fine. Now I noticed that Roon does not find Linn but finds Lyngdorf, which plays the music. I wonder if using Ethernet to HDMI Converter with HDMI and cat cables instead of wifi to connect the computer to the home net, would be a better way?

Hello @Hannu_Sarkkinen,

When you were using the Linn Akurate with Roon, were you streaming using the Airplay protocol? Have you updated the Linn Akurate to the latest firmware?