Full Roon & MQA Support for NAD M10 - Coming Soon?

When might we get full Roon certification for the NAD M10, and the ability to do a full unfold of MQA files?

Currently, Roon will only do the first unfold in software, and the MQA lights on the M10 do not come on.


Hi, that’s really a question for NAD as it would be NAD making and progressing the investment.

Hi Carl. Your response was exactly what I feared. NAD said exactly the opposite. That I should check with Roon. So, what should I do?

Also, in Roon, it says the M 10 has not yet been certified “by Roon.” That implies to me that it’s up to Roon, not NAD, to do the certifying. Do I have that wrong? Thanks.

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This needs breaking down …

  • Roon supply NAD their “RAAT SDK”
  • NAD integrate it into their device.
  • NAD submit the unit to Roon.
  • Roon test the device and feedback back to NAD as required.
  • Once the device achieves the standard required, Roon pronounce it certified.
  • It’s a collaborative venture between NAD and Roon but down to NAD’s marketing guys to release to the world once complete (and Roon respect this by not “leaking” information in advance.).

I’m assuming this is referring to MQA rendering …

  • This is performed within the DAC and requires IP, licencing and certification from MQA limited.
  • This is a NAD / MQA limited collaboration (of which Roon have no influence).

I’m a community moderator not employed by Roon, but I’ve been involved with the Roon guys even before the company was called Roon, so I may have missed something here hence I’ll tag @support for you so they can directly feedback if there is anything more to add.

Also, I’d be grateful if someone could confirm the proper MQA settings in Roon for the M 10. I’ve tried them all, but I’m not sure I’ve settled on the right one. Thanks. @support

I imagine the settings for MQA are the same as Bluesound devices so in device settngs M10 set MQA Compatability to renderer and ensure MQA core decoder is on in the advanced section.

Thanks Crystal. Still not seeing full decode to 24/192 or the MQA lights on the M10 when playing back in Roon.

I would talk to Nad as thats not right you missing out the orfs rendering which is the last unfold. You on the latest firmware? If its not certified yet this might be the reason. Have you tried Tidal via BluOS instead and see if you get full MQA that way. This will rule out if its the hardware I guess.

BluOS does play back at full resolution/unfolds. NAD says this is a Roon issue and Roon says it’s an NAD issue. I’m kinda stuck. @support

Its not preserving the MQA before your PEQ etc. Can you experiment and turn those off.

As you can see with mine here, not Bluesound in thise case but I have a Preserve section of the signal, your doesn’t so its not preseving the MQA at a guess.

yep its the Speaker Settings it appears you can’t have that and preserve MQA, I just experimented and added it and II loose MQA as a result. So you will have to have that off.

Thanks for your help. Will try it. Just watching the World Cup.

That worked! Thanks so much Crystal I appreciate your help.

The Roon app shows the full unfold now, but I still don’t get the MQA* light on the M 10.

Stuck waiting for Roon and NAD to work this out. At least MQA playback within Roon is working (according to the Roon app anyway). The MQA tracks I’ve tried do sound great.


I bought a NAD M10 streaming amplifier. It’s Roon ready and performs well. A few concerns:

  1. it comes up a Roon uncertified, though works well.
  2. its zone appears as a MQA renderer only yet it is also a decoder.

How do devices like this become Roon certified and how can a reputable company like NAD sell products that are not?

Most likely it’s to new to have been Roon Ready certified already.
Regarding the MQA Rendering part, i think that is a mutual agreement on function between Bluesound (who i assume have built the streaming and software part of the M10) and Roon for best functionality. Since the Roon Core can do the first part of the unfold, usually lots more powerful, you will most likely get the best experience and audio when the NAD/Bluesound unit performs the lighter rendering part.

Regarding the certification part, hav a looksee here:

Hello All,

As per our policy, we do not comment on the status of ongoing Roon Ready certifications.

Regarding MQA playback, it is expected that the NAD M10 is operating as an “MQA Renderer” device with Roon.

Additionally, it is a known issue that MQA playback using Roon Ready streaming does not result in the MQA logo being shown on the device’s display. Until this feature is implemented, you can confirm that MQA Rendering is happening by checking Roon’s Signal Path feature.


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Thanks John @support. I appreciate the response. It has been quite frustrating to be caught btw NAD and Roon when looking for answers/help.

Hi John,
Thanks for the clarification on this. On both our demo M10 and C 658, the Roon signal path shows a Rendering step with ORFS. So can we be assured that Roon is correctly reporting what the two NAD units are doing internally?

Is the issue with the MQA light not turning on isolated to NAD, or were you implying that is a known issue across brands?