Full screen mode causes core to fail

i had been using my system successfully: a big PC as core, a Surface 3 Pro as control, a Meridian MS600 for output. I had the GUI set up in full screen mode. But this made it difficult to switch to Amazon (to buy albums I liked from Tidal). So I found the way to reset the screen, the four arrows in the hamburger menu. This caused the control app to crash, and music stopped playing. When I restarted, the core had lost awareness of the two MS600s. I don’t recall if it also lost the Control:10, I don’t use it for output. Could not restore the output devices from the remote. Went to the desktop, couldn’t fix it there either. Shut down Roon core, restarted it, found the MS600 and everything was good.

Hi @AndersVinberg – I’m going to follow up via PM to get some more information.

Hard to imagine the full screen toggle having this kind of effect, but would be worth looking over the logs to see. Talk to you soon!

I’ll send the logs this afternoon, tight schedule this morning.

It’s complicated. I think the app on the remote crashed, but I’m not sure I remember it correctly: it resized, and the music in my headphones stopped. Did I have to restart the remote app? Don’t recall, but now I think I probably didn’t, just used that term because of the drama of the event.

The server did not crash, still running when I went there.

On the remote, the MS600s were missing from both the device list and audio setup. And on the server too. Came back after restarting the server.

Not certain if the second MS600 was on the list before the event. It sometimes disappears because of what is going on with my Meridian system. May have been missing already. And I don’t recall if the Control:10 disappeared too, it often is on the list but I never use it.

Sent the logs up from both core and remote.
That fail was Build 3. Haven’t tested with 8 yet.

Thanks @AndersVinberg – we’ve got them and we’re taking a look, but let us know if you see any other issues.