Fullscreen / F11 doesn't restore window position properly [Ticket open]

Roon window maximized.
Press F11 to go full screen then press it again to leave full screen mode.
Now Roon is no longer maximized!

Can’t you fix this?

Also, consider users that have their Windows Taskbar docked to the top of the screen (like a Mac) rather than the bottom.

Hello @support - this is a bug (IMO), and I confirm that it occurs. Starting with a maximised window and press F11 to go to Fullscreen. Pressing F11 a second time will always return Roon to a non-maximised window, instead of returning to the previous state of a maximised window.

@MatthewS2077 and @Geoff_Coupe ---- Thank you both for the feedback!

Confirming that I was able to reproduce this behavior on our end and have opened a ticket with our tech team for further analysis/investigation. We appreciate your patience during this process!


Update: Our tech team has reported to me that they are noticing the same behavior and have submitted a ticket to our DEV team who will take over the investigation from here. While I cannot comment on when work will be done on this I can assure you that will keep this thread up to date as I am given information from the DEV team. Again, your patience is very appreciated!

I’d like to add the following to this issue: Roon doesn’t seem to be handling second displays correctly.
I have my Windows screen set up to ‘extend display’ during the day, and I’ll have Roon in fullscreen mode on my laptop screen. In the evening I’ll often switch to laptop only. If I forget to toggle fullscreen off in Roon, Roon will now be stuck on the second display that is no longer there. The F11 toggle still works, but it often makes it hard to handle Roon.

It seems Roon doesn’t work relative to which displays are used, but just uses absolute values. Kind of hard to explain, but today I put my laptop on the left-hand side of my monitor and adjusted the settings in Windows accordingly. However, when I maximise Roon, it now maximises to the laptop screen on my right-hand side, which is no longer there. So it seems Roon determines its fullscreen position on where it is location relative to the first display. If that makes any sense.