Fullscreen mode does not fill the screen after rotating Surface Pro 8 tablet

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC D54250WYK
ubuntu 22.04

Remote Client Computer

roon remote version: 1.8 build 1136 production 1x (64bit)
client device: Microsoft Surface Pro 8
client operating system: Windows 11

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Archer A7
WiFi and ethernet
no VPN

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

This is a screenshot of roon running in “fullscreen” mode activated from roon’s sidebar menu.

When the tablet is rotated from landscape orientation to portrait orientation, roon no longer occupies the full screen. It doesn’t display any window chrome (title bar, resize handles, etc). Its appearance, but not its size, is the same as if it was still running in fullscreen mode. It occupies a square space whose size appears to be the same as the screen height. In this screenshot, the gray desktop can be seen below the chrome-less, non-fullscreen roon.

When the screen is rotated back from portrait to landscape, roon occupies the same square space as before. The gray desktop is exposed to the right of roon now.

@support - a definite bug for you…
I confirm that this is happening on my Surface Go 2.

Auto-rotate clearly isn’t working. The workaround is to manually enter Roon’s Fullscreen mode once you have your tablet in the preferred orientation.

Another workaround it to close and reopen roon. Another workaround is to not rotate the tablet. Another workaround is to use an iPad or other device instead of a Surface. Another workaround might be not using any device running windows 11 with a screen that can rotate. Another workaround is to use other music playback software. We should all be considering backup music players now that roon won’t work when our internet providers go down or our routers need replacement.

It’s rather amazing that this even made it to release.

I think it will require a substantial number of independent bug reports for roonlabs to take care of this and I think there won’t be enough reports to meet their threshold. I’ve concluded over the years that fixing UX bugs isn’t a priority for roonlabs. The lag between report and fix for bugs I’ve tracked is about 2 years, that is, for bugs that have actually been fixed.

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