FYI: RoonOS 253 earlyaccess will move to 254 production automatically

Yep, again presented without comment as pure factual fodder:

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Same here also

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I don’t want to be a drag, but my Rock is still on 253 earlyaccess and not updating to 254 production as the OP wrote. I am happy to switch manually, but I held off because I wanted to retain a test case for @AMP, because the observed behavior is not the same as the expected one.

Would be nice if you could let me (and others above) know if you abandoned this and we should update manually


You’re not alone - mine is still on 253 as well…

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Wierd. FWIW, my secondary ROCK is now OSv254. Not trying to flex. Can’t tell what my primary home one is right now.

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Still no sign off 254, is it actually a real thing or an urban myth.

IIRC, it showed up on my Nucleus a week or two ago.

Did you have early access version before?

I had early access in September, but went back to production in October.

I mean RoonOS not Roon. We all tried early access RoonOS which was 253 and where promised it would upgrade to the release vsn, thats not happend.

I don’t think so, but not certain. So many things have been updated recently, it’s hard to know.

Reinstalled, but still on 253 ea.

You had to manally install it, so if you didnt do that you have just recieved the released update from previous release Roon OS. Everyone who tried out the earlyaccess is stuck on it.

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The best I remember, I was out of the early access program at the time and Roon OS 254 just showed up.

Yes then this was the recent production release from the old IIRC 223 and is expected:

We are having a different problem because we were on the manually installed 253 earlyaccess that immediately preceded 254, and should have been moved automatically to 254 but weren’t

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Hi @AMP, just like other posters here, I see still no sign of an update from 253 to 254. Seeing that you did not want us to ‘end up orphaned’, do you recommend us triggering the update to 254 via a Production file, or is it useful for Roon that we hang around on 253 for now? Thanks.


Hmm - I’ve just tried using the roon-production.bin file in the Reinstall directory and that hasn’t bumped me up to build 254 of Roon OS.

Now switched back to Early Access using the roon-earlyaccess.bin file, and still stuck on build 253…

Oh well, at least the Reinstall mechanism for Roon itself seems to be working. :thinking:


Hey @Geoff_Coupe

You’ll need the roonos-production.bin file instead of roon-production.bin.

It’s available here:

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I thought as much, but couldn’t find it… Thanks.

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OK - now up and running on Build 254 using Roon 2.0 Early Access…