Gapless Play Issue

There are times when Roon will not know that an album is gapless.

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I’m wondering why not, do you have any specific examples that you could share?

Sure, the last time I played:

And the newest Buddha Bar when I first got it:

Hi Peter, thanks for sharing these.

I don’t have those albums in my collection however, “Buddha Bar XXI: Paris, the Origins” is available on Tidal and Qobuz.

I’ve added it my Roon library and given it a spin and with the exception of tracks 01-02 and 02-10 which are unavailable (from both sources) :frowning_face: the transitions between tracks are seamless.

If you’re not not getting same, then I’m wondering if there’s maybe something amiss with the files you are playing … maybe how they were ripped?

I’m going to tag @support just in case they can share some wisdom, they may want to look at the files you are playing.

PS I like the album, after checking for gapless play, I’ve requeued it and letting it play though in its entirety.

I ripped the Naked Rhythm CD using iTunes, the Buddha Bar was ripped by a friend, not sure how.

Hello @pwright92,

When you play these albums using other applications, are they being outputted as gapless? It is possible that the albums themselves are not gapless, so I would like to verify this before requesting the media from you. Also, do you have crossfade active for your zone?


Looks like it was a bad rip. The older album plays properly now. It’s been a while since I played so probably fixed in an upgrade along the way.

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Hi @pwright92,

Thanks for letting me know that and glad to hear you you were able to diagnose the issue as the media itself.

– Noris

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