Gapless playback issues on Sonos with Roon

I’ve been having some issues with gapless playback using Sonos. It happens sporadically, e.g. on a continuous album like Dark Side of the Moon or a live album, there might be a gap between a few songs while others are gapless. It happens with any of my Sonos devices, e.g. Move, Connect, etc. whether they are grouped or solo.

This doesn’t happen when I play to a RAAT endpoint like my DAC via an Ultrarendu. And I primarily listen to local ALAC and FLAC files and not to Qobuz or Tidal.

Does anyone have similar issues with Sonos and any thoughts on how to resolve this?

I wonder if this is related to a similar issue on Chromecast that Roon is also getting a fix ready for.

I haven’t noticed it on my Sonos, but I will have a Play of DSOTM on one of my stereo pairs when I pop up to the office in a bit

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OK I can confirm that both my local copies of DSOTM play perfectly gapless.

Are you streaming your music, as there have been some complaints about Qobuz in particular having delays between tracks since the last release of Roon.

I sporadically get gaps when playing local ALAC and FLAC files. I would say 10-20% of the time. Only with Somos.

Anything else in particular you want me to test, as if anything was likely to show it I would say DSOTM, though it is only CD quality so not high resolution

I can confirm that I basically have problems with correct gapless playback or long pauses between tracks at the moment - and especially with my Sonos devices. I sent a lot of examples to support before Christmas and they said they were looking into the issue.

Sometimes it is worse, sometimes less bad, but the problem always occurs. Less often with 44.1kHz/16bit, more often with 96kHz/24bit content. It was better when I used AirPlay instead of Sonos streaming, until AirPlay was no longer reliable at some point and my Sonos One SL often stopped playing completely after tracks when using AirPlay. So I’m currently using Sonos streaming again, but I’m not happy with the Roon-Sonos combination. Sometimes I have a 20-second break between tracks, which is really no fun anymore.

What is annoying is this: I cannot always reproduce the behaviour with the tracks in which the problem occurs.

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You were one of the people I thought about.
Thankfully (for me at least) I have not been able to reproduce this issue at my house, but after a year of crap Sonos functionality I feel I deserve to be immune from issues for the next year :see_no_evil:

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What I would like is for someone from support to at least tell me “yes, there’s a problem, we’re working on it” or “no, it must be your setup”… Both would be helpful, even though my setup was analysed perfectly by me and it can’t really be the problem… But who knows!

Other causes? Maybe my Nucleus is on its way into the darkness and it is not a Sonos problem…

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paging @support, as this post is not in a support forum.

edit: and probably best to start a thread in the support forum, and filling out the requested support information form on your setup. Perhaps you’ve already done all this.


Ok I had not noticed that, I just moved it to the support thread


I was there for most of last year so I understand the frustration. A mix of we can’t reproduce it in house and it’s only you and then it’s only a few of you having this problem to what changed on your network :astonished:

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Just to clarify: I’m not mad at @support and also already in direct contact. I am frustrated because the problem is so difficult to isolate.

Thanks guys.

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Not mad but I got quite frustrated last year, due to the lack of any progress over about 9 months

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Hi All,

Can you please check to see if you still experience this issue after today’s release?

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@noris I can check it on Thursday - on the road tomorrow - and will keep you posted!

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@noris As promised I tested gapless playback with Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” on my Sonos One SL speaker:

  • my local copy (44.1kHz 16bit) runs gaplessly,
  • the Qobuz version (96kHz 24bit) does not run completely gapless - some transitions are gapless, others are not.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: for the sake of correctness: I opened a new support ticket yesterday because of other problems. I can’t currently rule out the possibility that problems are caused in my environment. Unfortunately, I am waiting for help and am not making any progress right now. However, if other Sonos users have fully correct gapless now, my issue here may not be due to a fundamental problem, but has a different (local) cause. I would like to say more, but unfortunately I can’t at the moment.