Gapless playback problem

Noticed with gapless playback it cuts a little bit off the track as the next track kicks in, most noticeable with beat orientated music, it skips a beats. I tested ASIO and WASAPI with same problem. Have not had a problem with other gapless media players. Windows 10 - FLAC

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should mention it’s gapless albums this problem occurs. as I have a lot of continuous flow albums a fix would be appreciated greatly.


gapless works for me on redbook, 24/96 and DSD. Tested this weekend on numerous live music and songs that are made up of multiple tracks. using roon with a sonicorbiterSE

Gapless works flawlessly for me as well.

Hey @Blaine_Arnold – would it be possible for you to zip up one album you’re having an issue with and PM me a link to it using Dropbox or similar?

If you don’t have anywhere to upload it, let me know and I’ll PM you instructions for uploading directly to us.

Can you also confirm your audio settings and setup, and check that you have no crossfade set?

Crossfade is off. Using ASIO with Metrum Acoustics Musette DAC, large buffers ticked, 1000ms sync delay. Tested without sync delay and large buffers with same problem. using FLAC, windows 10. Tested files in JRiver, gapless was flawless.
Uploading a problem album to dropbox, will PM soon. thank you

Hey @Blaine_Arnold – thanks for the media. While it doesn’t seem to happen in all cases, we’ve reproduced what you’re describing with these files, so this is a solid bug report. Good stuff!

I’ve opened up a ticket in our internal tracker and we’ll be looking into this further soon. Thanks again!

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Great news, thank you

@mike @brian Has this gone anywhere yet? I’m right now experiencing clicks on gapless playback, so wondering if this is the same bug.

What version @Ludwig? We’ve closed this out for 1.2…

I get the clicks too, it’s just the wave being cutoff too quickly, not being a perfect join with previous track. Believe it’s the result of the same issue I brought up. Looking forward to v1.2

1.1 still. I’ll keep an ear out for it in the Alpha builds.

just had the very same happen, in Roon 1.2, between tracks 3 and 4 of Kayhan Kalhor’s “Hawniyaz” album (HiRes 24-96)
no issue playing the same tracks directly from my Aries


Personally not notice any gapless issues since v1.2 update.

I didn’t either so far. only happened yesterday with those two tracks
was asked by the staff to send them: we’ll see :wink:

spoke too soon. having gapless playback issues here, too. random slight pause between tracks, which are fine in other software players. use standard FLAC 16/44 files.