Garbage noise in loudspeaker!

Roon Core Machine

Nuc I3 with Rock

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Connected Audio Devices

AudioGD R7HE21 in NOS mode

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Description of Issue

I have a zip with convolution files for all frequencies up to 384. They all work fine.
When I enabled up Sample Rate conversion, MAX or MAX Pov 2, I had nasty garbage in the loudspeakers.
I also had Volume leveling enabled.

I’m very unhappy because it could harm my drivers :frowning:

What device are you using as the transport to your DAC? Is it directly connected to your i3 NUC or are you using some other endpoint device?

How did you test the 384 kHz convolution filter?

Have you tried removing the 352.8 and 384 kHz filters and config files from your ZIP file?

Hi David,

I’m using another Nuc i3 with Rock as player. The Audio-GD R7HE21 is connected through USB.

I could not test the 384 khz but I trust the maker of convolution files.

I think I might have an idea: The Amanero in the R7HE21 has a Linux firmware in it and it might - as I recall from Daphile - that it says 768 khz as maximum rate, which is obviously wrong.

I’m not saying it is the root cause BUT Roon could display which is the frequency rate for the MAX and MAX Pov 2. In such case, it could ring a bell :slight_smile:

Since my system has not headphone output, I fear to make another tries.
Such error sent in loudspeaker could harm my drivers for good. This old Linn speaker has too much value for me.

Do you know if Roon provides some protection by checking the output buffer to detect harmful data that could be sent to the speakers ?

Many thanks.

Switch on headroom management in the dsp settings. Put a large number in and play at minimum volume.

Ged, why would headroom management would protect the drivers ? Let’s imagine Roon sends just 0xFF values, it would clip whatever the volume ??

Please explain how Roon when doing convolution / upsampling protects the driver ?

Many thanks.

The headroom may stop it clipping that’s why its in the dsp section.
What you could do is have zero volume but turn the clipping indicator on to see if it is clipping.

The issue is that the Amanero reports 768 kHz insfeead of 384 kHz.
Roon team should creatre a profile for AudioGD Dac and limit the MAX rate to 384 khz.
If someone of the Roon team reads this, many thanks.

Its the manufacturer who needs to do the work.

Sure but since Roon asks for the DAC, if Roon team could add Audio-GD with a limit of 384khz for MAX RATE, that would avoid mistakes :slight_smile:

But sure, manufacturer should fix in the firmware.

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