Garbled and missing Korean fonts [Resolved]

Hi, I’ve been having a problem displaying Korean music files on Roon since Korean fonts are garbled and missing

i tried to edit tag information and it helped to see the correct Korean music file name, artist and others. but i can’t edit each tag information for every music file I have, I believe there might be a solution for Korean users…

And another problem which I have is that, after I edited the tag information, the Korean font seems displaying correctly on my pc and ipad, but when I connect Roon on my android pad/mobiles, the Korean fonts are completely missing and shown as “-”. Please help on this too.

PS, I had tested the missing Korean fonts and garbled Korean fonts with 1laptop, 1 ipad and 3 different android devices.

Thank you.

Sorry I forget to attach images…
They are the images how Korean music files are showing on Roon on my laptop. you can see they are all garbled…English looks fine.

These are the screenshots after I edited the tag information by Foobar and also by Roon Edit feqture, the Korean fonts look displaying correctly on my laptop and ipad

But on Android device, the garbled and missing fonts still remain, and the edited information seems showing only as “-”, I tested it with 3 android devices and the results are all the same as the image below.

Hi @Milkyway ---- Thank you for your feedback and the examples. I would like to have our developers test with one of the files you are having issue with, in house to see if we can reproduce the issue at hand. Can you provide us a file via dropbox?



Seems there aren’t too many Korean Roon Fans here, given this problem still exists…

It is NOT all Korean fonts, some fonts are displayed exactly as they should be, but some of the Korean language are still displayed like above screenshots.

If somehow the effort to resolving this issue was discontinued a year ago, I would like to follow up and provide any data that our Roon technicians need to address this.

Please let me know.


This issue has been resolved a while ago editing the tag info.
Check this url editing by SOtM in Korea
or if you prefer to read in English, please check this link.


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Thank you so much for this~