Garbled Titles/Artists

I have a couple of cases of garbled titles and artists. For example, I have Beethoven symphonies stored with English titles, but everything shows up in German in Roon. In another case, I have an album by Al Petteway (correct) and another by Al Petterway (incorrect). “Petterway” does not show up in any of the metadata with the files themselves, and they are all in the right (Petteway) folder, but Roon insists that it’s two people.

Any way I can correct these issues?

Hi @Philip_Holt,

For these albums, can you share some additional details about them (including screenshots) as outlined here: How to report metadata issues

Dylan–I read “How to report metadata issues,” and it appears that the mislabeling is a problem with AllMusic. I went there and submitted the appropriate corrections. My guess is that any corrections they make will automatically reflect themselves in my Roon database at some point. Is that true? Thanks!


Hi @Philip_Holt ,

Yes, it’s not instantaneous, but once a correction has been accepted by our metadata provider the correction will reflect in Roon after a week or so.