Gear advice looking to replace DAC

I’ve decided to go with Roon but would really like the signal path to be purple.

Currently USB out to Parasound Halo integrated.

The problem I’m having is it’s forced through the sys mixer since the Parasound USB DAC driver is a POS and crashes the computer every time.

Searching here and elsewhere it’s a known issue and I doubt will be fixed.

So I need something between my computer and Parasound. I am overwhelmed trying to figure this out since I’ve read so much the past 3 weeks. I’d like to keep it under $1k but am a bit flexible.

Thanks, sorry for what’s probably a simple question but I’ve been using a squeezebox or sony for years and apparently I’m rusty and confuse easily :slight_smile:

I like the Topping line. Well-made, measures well, they make a lot of them so the manufacturing process is consistent. I run a Topping D70 DAC right now, street price about $400, I think. I’ve also got their DX3-Pro for a headphone station.

Well, if you are keeping the parasound, use the Coax in. I have Squeezebox which have Coax out, you might as well and thus not cost anything.

I always recommend the Allo DigiOne (because that is what I have used for years and it works well). Ethernet in, Coax out to your Parasound. It will just show up as a Roon endpoint. Very plug and play and not expensive.


Not the answer I was expecting but you reminded me that I do have a squeezebox duet hiding in the back of my closet. Purple all the way now. Thanks This will work till I can get something a little better but now I’m not in such a hurry to find it :slight_smile:

Slim Devices sure made a good line of products. Still able to use them all these years later and w/ roon the experience is better.


In some ways, I don’t think there has been their equal since, in terms of versatility, ease of use, quality sound. Just all around niceness. I still have a Boom and a SB3 classic, both in use as endpoints for the garage workroom and spare bedroom, respectively.