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I’m a 67 year old geezer. I don’t understand a lot about computers, iPads, iPods, cell phones etc. I like Roon generally, but I need to be able to speak to someone when I have a problem. Your post model does not work for me. I purchased a Geek Squad plan from Best Buy so that I can bring my devices in and get someone to show me in person what is amiss. You seem to assume a level of computer literacy that does not apply to folks like me, who are used to detailed print instructions.


The nature of the program requires some computer knowledge, but your friends at Geek Squad might be able to get you started. Sounds like you have the total tech service program. Reading the Roon knowledge base would be a good start to see if you can get it going. Roon is truly not that complex to setup or operate.

Thank you for your reply. Let me give you an example of what I have experienced. I have an iPod Classic Touch. One morning, I could not get the device to auto rotate. I had no idea about what I had done to create this problem. I set up an an appointment at the Geek Squad. As I was standing inline to check in, the customer service representative showed me that a simple swipe would access the icon controlling the auto rotate. I did not even need the appointment.
I grew up with products that came with written manuals that would have told me how to fix the problem.

My experience with this forum is that there are loads of “old geezers” happy to walk you , hand hold you through the complexity

It soon becomes less complex

It’s a lot easier than ploughing through manuals

An even older geezer …

Mike (68)

The hand holding model is to go to a hifi dealer and buy the gear and installation from them, downside to that is cost of course.
Otherwise hang in there and read some of the forum and ask questions.
People on here are happy to help.

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As others have said, The Knowledge Base is your friend as it explains all you need for Roon in a manual type layout.
Don’t let the computer hobbyist threads De rail you. I read whole sections and understand nothing, not even most of the words :joy: you are not alone. The upshot is that most of this has nothing to do with normal people who just want to listen to their music. They are indulging in their Hobby, which from what I can gleen. Is all about the technology and what you can do with it. Think of it as enthusiasts at the race track, or banger racing building their own cars. All great fun but not necessary to drive to the shops… :joy:
Horses, as they say, for courses…

Hi @Clark_Varnell,

As others have mentioned, the Knowledge Base is definitely a great place to start. We are always updating our documentation here to include all of the newest features of Roon. If you’re having trouble understanding anything you’re reading in the KB please let us know! We want to make sure it is accessible for everyone, regardless of your technical expertise.

Of course you can always reach out to us here on the Support forum with any specific questions or issues that you might have. We sometimes hear from people wondering about phone support, email support, or other more traditional methods, and we almost always win them over by resolving problems here every day. I can tell you that we stand behind our products and our support 100%.

Every support thread on this site is tracked by someone on our staff, and they frequently loop in senior staff or developers for feedback. Nearly everyone in our company spends time on this site.

We want to make sure that everyone gets the best out of their Roon experience so always feel free to reach out to us here, Clark. We appreciate the feedback!


Sometimes I would like to listen to soothing music as I drift off to sleep. What I don’t want is anything else. Last night I selected a chamber version of the Seigfried Idyll. Roon kept on, playing other works that I had not selected. On the other hand, if I’m fussing around the house I might enjoy listening to whatever music the Roon algorithm selects. How do I turn off/ on this feature?

Thanks Mike,from one Geezer to another. So walk me through my question. How do I use the forum to find an answer to the question: how do I play the album that I selected, and stop, rather than having Roon keep on playing albums selected by its algorithm. And then, if I’m in the mood for random play, how do I turn on the algorithm?

Hi @Clark_Varnell,

By default, Roon Radio is on when your queue becomes empty. You can read more about Roon Radio in our Knowledge Base. You can turn this on and off from the queue screen.

I’d heard the idiom “horeses for courses,” but never looked it up. Thanks to you for adding a new idiom to my vocabulary.

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Looks like Dylan beat me

I find the Radio feature great for just running background music when I’m cooking etc, just pick one nice tune and let it run

As an even older geezer (72) I find the best way to get things sorted is to type the question into Google. Someone, somewhere, has had the same problem.


Wisdom comes with age… sometimes :joy:

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