Gefen HDMI to Analog De-embedded for multichannel

Hi all,
I am anticipating the loss of my Oppo UDP-205, as I wish to move it into the home theater for 4K discs.

Therefore, I will lose the ability to send multichannel audio from my Nucleus+ via HDMI on the Oppo then analog outs to my antiquated Denon 3805 (pre-HDMI).

I came across the Gefen HDMI to analog de-embedded, which has multichannel audio outs. For $189, it seems like an inexpensive solution.

Does anyone have experience with this product or other products like it’s design?

I’ve used this one:

Thanks for the link to your review, Kal. This certainly fits the bill, and it is good to know there are multiple products out there that will do the same thing. Who knows what the Gefen sounds like. Even at a $90 difference, the black Essence is still more attractive.