Genelec 8341 or Buchardt A500?

I don’t really know the market in the US but you could try this:,+NY,+USA#map
I think the stores that supply studios are more likely to have a dedicated test pair.

How did it go ?

Buchardt or Genelec ? :slight_smile:

Coming up on six months. How’s the speaker honeymoon? Still in love? Still pumping out sweet tunes all night long? #younglove

As I wrote further up the thread I went with Genelec and have not regretted🙂 They are still amazing.
I’m thinking about how to use the AES inputs on the Genelecs. @J.D I remember you have the 8361. Do you have the MiniDSP SHD Studio? And if so are you satisfied with it?

I’d say this is a matter of taste… went through quite a few “high fi, audiophile” speakers (bookshelf and floorstand) before my current 8341 Genelec pair and one of the main attractions before even hearing The Ones was their look. I just wish more hifi companies would be daring with their designs and not create only “furniture” type speakers.

Thanks @TreeZorro for this comparison - I’ve been thinking about comparing these for a while and your impressions were highly appreciated. Still looking to try the A500 at some point… no itch though. I’m still very fond of the Genelecs more than a year later.

You are welcome. I’m also very satisfied with my choice. There is something about the pro build of the Genelecs that makes me feel they will outlive me🙂 I have been through the tech comparison now for years. The Genelecs is where I stop and just enjoy the music.