Genelec Loudspeaker Management System with Roon

I’m looking to invest in a studio monitor setup and pair it with Roon. I’m looking to get a pair of Genelec 8330 monitors and a 7350 subwoofer and match it with Genelec Loudspeaker Management System (GLM). GLM does the room correction for me using Genelec’s software and a microphone. Does anyone know if Roon music playback is compatible with GLM i.e. Roon won’t overwrite the correction GLM is performing on the speakers?

Right now I use Roon with my headphone setup and love it. So I’m hoping Roon will mesh with GLM.


Welcome to the Roon Community, Nicholas! I recently investigated this kind of scenario with Genelecs. I do not yet own the monitors, however, so consider my comments incomplete and mildly speculative. I did read the GLM 4 manual, however, and have a background in these matters. I don’t think there are any issues with Roon co-existing with your GLM setup. GLM manages the monitors/subs and applies filters/PEQ to the devices for room correction, etc. Roon just pushes analog audio via XLR from your DAC/streamer or digital via AES from your streamer.

Roon users will often use something like REW to do similar things and apply convolutional or PEQ filters via Roon DSP. With Genelecs and GLM that phase is unnecessary since the monitors have the filters uploaded into them.


Thank you Mark!

Ok that’s exactly what I need Roon to do. I currently use Roon’s DSP filters (mainly PEQ) with my headphones and love it. But I figure Genelec’s proprietary DSP for their monitors will perform better than anything I could come up with manually using Roon.

I have all three scenarios running with Roon.
Living room Genelec 8351A, corrected by GLM, Roon is simply sending a 24/96 stream to the 8351A (via RPi4 and Gustard U16).
Office room with my head phone station RME ADI-2 DAC+ Cayin iHa6 + Feliks Echo II + Highamp Antares. For all my headphones I use the Convolver of Roon to correct to Harman (Oratory).
Bed room Genelec 8010 + Adam Sub 8, fed via squeezebox and SMSL SU-8, here I use PEQs of Roon to manually correct to a more flat response (measured with REW). Maybe I will try someday the approach described here for room correction using REW.

Sometimes when I listen not so loud with the 8153 I add some PEQ in Roon to the stream so I have some kind of loudness correction.
So Roon is very versatile with respect to DSP and can be used independently from any other room correction system.

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Thank you Daiyama! I’m glad to hear GLM and Roon are compatible.

Forgot to ask- in your living room setup can you use GLM too add some EQ? Ideally I want to use GLM to get the frequency response of the monitors completely flat then EQing to my preference namely a bass shelf and rolling off the treble.

Yes, this what I do with roon.

However the GLM Software allows also to apply an extra bass shelf and treble shelf filter to create your own house curve. It’s called „sound character profiler“. Maybe a bit bold name for these two shelf filters. :joy:


Excellent. So just to clarify your living room setup, you use GLM to get the speakers’ frequency response completely flat then use Roon to add some EQ to your preference?

You can do this directly in GLM - see section ‘8.3 Sound Character Profiler’ of the GLM manual or section ‘4.3 Sound Character Profiler Tool’ of the GLM Quickstart guide.

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I see. Thank you very much for clarifying and providing the exact sections in the manual. Looks like my Genelec setup will work nicely

Can you use Roon to control the volume with the Genelec speakers? I would have a digital input from the source.